Event Chairs

We rely on our events to inform and engage our community and to raise funds for our organization.  And we rely on the chairs of these events to coordinate all the details, energize the volunteers, and make it happen.  A huge thank you to our event chairs through the years who have made our HEF Gala, our Royal Bash, our 2-Million 2-Gether celebration, and our Rock-n-Royal street dance a success.

2000 Gala — Carolyn Olsen and Lindsay Strand
2001 Gala — Kris Newcomer and Julie Woolfrey
2002 Gala — Carolyn Durham and Sharon Mattison
2003 Gala — Ellen Cousins and Sandy Jones
2004 Gala — Elaine Hromatka and Debbie Kitt
2005 Gala — Elizabeth Combs and Carol Lund
2006 Gala — Ann Henningsgaard and Sally Levens
2007 Gala — Kathy Kannenberg
2008 Gala — Julie Magney and Debbie Stephens
2009 Gala — Beth Timm
2010 Royal Bash — Susan Bass Roberts and Heidi Peterson (staff)
2011 Royal Bash — Linda Sedgwick
2012 Royal Bash — Betty Johnson, Kate Lang, and Jelan Heidelberg
2012 2-Million 2-Gether Celebration — Autumn Boos
2013 Royal Bash — Sally Levens (staff)
2013 Rock-n-Royal — Beth Jones and Tiphanie Dirnberger
2014 Royal Bash — Sally Levens (staff)
2014 Rock-n-Royal — Jen Trujillo, Laurie McNeill and Trisha Taylor
2015 Royal Bash — Sally Levens (staff)
2015 Rock-n-Royal — Amy Bisbee, Laurie McNeill and Mara Gollin-Garrett
2016 Royal Bash — Jen Trujillo and Trisha Taylor

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our tax id is 41-1808042.