Health and Wellness

Following is a list of grants that focus on promoting lifelong health and wellness behavior in our students.

Rope Course Expanded physical education curriculum with "initiative tasks," promoting social, psychological, and personal development in addition to physical skills. 1996-1997 NJH
Freshwater Academy Established Freshwater Academy, a full-semester program integrating learning in environmental issues, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education. 1998-199 HHS
Family Center Assisted with the purchase of new gym equipment and enhancement of outdoor play equipment to accommodate the growing and diverse needs of the children served. 2000-2001 Harley Hopkins
Dance Class Equipment Purchased materials needed to implement two new dance courses to address diverse interests and fulfill graduation standards. 2001-2002 HHS
Nutrition and Obesity Awarded funds for a health and nutrition program designed to educate students about the positive benefits of appropriate food choices and a physically active lifestyle in order to address the growing problem of obesity. 2003-2004 HHS
Tower Vegetable Garden: Indoor Harvesting and Sharing Second graders will plant, monitor, harvest and share the bounty from this impressive tower of fauna on wheels. As the pyramid of 28 plants circulates among five classrooms, these fast-growing (4-8 weeks) fruits and vegetables will encourage experimentation with new food and discussions about healthy choices. Read more. 2015-2016 Eisenhower & XinXing
Community Vegetable Garden & Outdoor Classroom Partnering with Glen Lake’s community, the school’s new living laboratory will focus on science, agriculture, and cooperation. Each grade level will plant six plots and use the garden in a different way. Read more.  2015-2016 Glen Lake
Heart Zones Fitness The use of Blink Armband heart rate monitors for second through sixth graders will help make the physical education curriculum more fun and meaningful, and eventually eliminate the need for traditional testing such as counting push-ups and sit-ups. Read more 2016-2017 Gatewood

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