Assistive Technology Resource Library

Our children are unique and so are the challenges they face. This 2014 HEF grant provides the District’s Special Services Team with a wide assortment of adaptive tools to build bridges – between students of limited mobility and their direct access to school computers. These bridges provide unhindered access to curriculum and communication tools, enhance the ability to complete academic work, and maximize independence.

Assistive Technology Presentation pictureThe dedicated Special Services Team routinely engineers one-of-a-kind devices that address each student’s specific – and often evolving – situation. In the past, the team made educated guesses as to the usefulness of a particular strategy, pieces had to be ordered, and delays were inevitable. Now, with access to this library of devices, staff will quickly move through the trial-and-error phase to find the right fit for each student. As a student’s needs change, the devices will be exchanged at the library for an array of fresh resources.

Students from all across the District benefit from this grant. Typical examples may include a high school sophomore with a life-long challenge such as cerebral palsy, or a first grader who’s just mastered writing but has been sidelined with a broken arm.

Every day, Hopkins students and staff work together to adapt, improvise and overcome some incredible challenges. The easier this process becomes, the sooner our students can achieve their academic goals.

Awarded Spring 2014
Submitters: Karen Evans, Linda Gardner, Cristin Shay

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