Awesome Fund Grants

Watch a video by participants in the BIGS Tutoring grant.

The table below lists grants for student clubs that are funded by the Awesome Fund:

Title Description Year Schools
Kiva U Club: Investing in the World -- Awesome Fund Grant The new student-led Kiva U Club's goal is to involve more students at HHS, fundraise, and to loan at least $50 in each of the 27 countries represented by HHS students. Read more 2016-2017 HHS
Creating Beautiful Music ... Videos -- Awesome Fund Grant Royal Records is a safe, supportive after-school club where North Junior High students collaborate to write and produce original music, mix tracks, film and edit videos, and generally have fun. Read more 2017-2018 NJH
A Force to Be Reckoned with -- Awesome Fund Grant With HEF’s Awesome Fund grant, The Technocrats will build a West Coast Drivetrain, enabling their robot to be light and agile, more reliable, and reduce the overall number of needed parts. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Powerful Young Women Pay It Forward This Awesome Fund grant will help expand the scope of Girls United MN, run by girls for girls, on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of women leaders. These 80 young women at Hopkins High School are promoting STEM career paths and positive body image, introducing professional women as inspiration, and discussing multiple social issues with their peers. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Love Yourself Project HEF is funding the Love Yourself project, a campaign to promote positive messages of self confidence, self esteem, and body image, with the goal of improving student wellness. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Weightlifting Club Current members of the new HHS Weightlifting Club (5 male, 1 female) hope to increase their number as they increase their individual strength. The Awesome Fund is adding to the basic equipment purchased by Hopkins High School; the expanded variety will improve participants’ technique and form. Read more 2018-2019 HHS
Technocrats Robotics Club The Technocrats FIRST Robotics Club is taking their West Coast Drivetrain on the road to Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota for the Great Northern Regional Competition. The Technocrats will not find out the ‘game’ for the 2019 contest until January 5th, and then have six weeks to design, build and test their robot for competition. Read more 2018-2019 HHS
Gender Sexuality Alliance Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF), through its Awesome Fund, has awarded a $365 grant to the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), a social activism group that works to promote an understanding of, and educate the student body in, LGBTQ+ issues. Read more 2018-2019 HHS
Creating a Speech Team A group of five students is intent to restore Hopkins’ Speech Team after a lapse of inaction. The club’s goal is to increase public speaking opportunities and ability for any interested student, and also foster interest in writing. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Student Art 'Zine This seed money will help print the first edition of ‘Reflections’, the re-booted annual art magazine, last offered in 2016-17. An editorial team of 5-10 students is eager to offer a voice and showcase for their peers’ creativity while learning the process of publishing a magazine. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Inspirational Canvas Paintings The 80 members of Girls United MN, an established club at HHS, are embarking on a rigorous public relations campaign. They will create and post empowering positive quotes, pictures and affirmations in Hopkins High School girls’ bathrooms. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Literacy for Freedom Literacy for Freedom is an exciting new club forming at North Junior High, tapping into the collective energy of young Black males to discuss their history and their place in today’s world. Through novel studies and literacy strategies, Language Arts teacher Keenan Jones will guide conversations ranging from social justice and Hip Hop to the value of an education. Read more 2019-2020 NJH
Westside Rovers Robotics Four junior high robotics teams will share the full FTC Regulation Playing Field complete with competition obstacles funded by this grant. Read more 2019-2020 WJH, NJH
Green Halls The 40+ students of Green Halls are on a mission to create a welcoming and connected environment by integrating plants throughout the halls of Hopkins High School. Read more 2019-2020 HHS
Kandama Club The ancient Japanese game of Kendama builds tools for transforming failure and adversity into opportunities to learn and grow. The club is bringing in an inspirational speaker from the Kendama Institute of Minneapolis to present at a West Junior High school assembly, as well as offer twenty hours of afterschool instruction in the techniques and tricks of the game. Read more 2019-2020 WJH
Gender and Sexuality Alliance The Gender and Sexuality Alliance will host Qrom (Queer Prom), an annual LGBT inclusive prom for students across Minnesota. The event creates a safe space free of judgement, and empowers LGBT students and their allies to meet other LGBT youth and build community. Read more 2019-2020 HHS
TampAction This group of determined young women is focused on eliminating menstrual stigma. They will provide high quality period products free of charge in an ‘Aunt Flow’ product dispenser at HHS. Read more 2019-2020 HHS
Bigs Tutoring HEF’s Awesome Fund for student clubs has awarded $1,000 to Bigs Tutoring, an inspiring group of Hopkins High School upperclassmen and alumni providing tutoring via video. This grant is the equivalent of 67 hours of tutoring, which will allow Bigs to offer free and reduced-price services to any student who needs it while proving a stipend to tutors. Learn more. 2020-2021 HHS
Video Game Club This community of gamers previously operated with consoles brought to school by staff members, but all of the back and forth took its toll on the equipment. This Awesome Fund grant will purchase consoles and controllers for the sole and permanent use of the club, which will also allow more students to participate. Learn more 2020-2021 WJH
Girls United Speak Up HEF’s Awesome Fund is providing the 35 members of Hopkins North Junior High Girls United Club with copies of Speak, the acclaimed 1999 novel by Laurie Halse Anderson. Club leaders have been inspired by the meaning and power behind this moving novel and wish to share and discuss its difficult topics among all members. Learn more. 2020-2021 NJH
DJ Club The new DJ Club will serve multiple purposes: a terrific creative outlet for students, a future replacement for the expensive DJ’s hired for prom and school dances, and cafeteria entertainment for students during lunch hour. This Awesome Fund grant is the seed money for the necessary equipment that will be used for years to come. Learn more 2020-2021 HHS
Baking Clubbers The Baking Clubbers are excited to get this grant from The Awesome Fund. With it they will purchase shared cook/bakeware with which to expand their repertoire of skills. All members – and more are welcome! – have put energy and enthusiasm into the kitchen during distance learning. Learn more 2020-2021 NJH
Earth Day Outreach On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, HEF’s Awesome Fund provided WJH’s Earth Club with the funds to mount a campaign of climate action and good health. Members of the club distributed stainless steel water bottles to encourage the healthy consumption of water, particularly while the school’s drinking fountains are turned off due to the pandemic. Learn more 2020-2021 WJH
Girls United Wellness Kits Girls United’s board of leaders will put together wellness kits for their active members, to help relieve stress and isolation, and build community as they gather online. Learn more 2020-2021 HHS
Hopkins Speedcubing Club This Awesome Fund Grant will purchase a variety of cubes for the clubbers to practice with and enhance their skills. As they learn strategy together, they intend to host demos at HHS to engage potential new members, and envision competing at some point in World Cube Association (WCA) events in the Twin Cities. Learn more. 2021-2022 HHS
Video Production Club This Awesome Fund Grant enables the Video Production Club to grow their stable of equipment and props. Grant applicant Sidney Gelperin explains, “We will learn how to use cameras, editing software, and framing… and to captivate an audience through different styles of video production.” Learn more. 2021-2022 HHS
Culture Night at HHS For the Culture is a club dedicated to learning about and appreciating the many cultures represented in Hopkins Public Schools. The $600 award funds Culture Night at Hopkins High School, an exciting inclusive event showcasing dancers, singers and foods representing Somalia, the Philippines and some Hispanic cultures. . 2021-2022 HHS
Robotics Swerve Drivetrain The Hopkins Robotics Team have asked HEF for $1,500 to create a robot with Swerve Drivetrain for use in testing and possibly in future competitions. The team will learn CAD, electronics wiring, programming, and mechanical assembly. Learn more 2021-2022 HHS, NJH, WJH
Esports Equipment Hopkins VAL is the Esports (electronic sports) club, 40 students strong, who will use this $800 Awesome Fund award to purchase 12 sets of gaming mice and mouse pads. These special mice have extra-sensitive sensors for increased accuracy and responsiveness, to increase player abilities. Learn more 2021-2022 HHS
Technocrats Go To World Championship Continuing HEF’s long-standing support for Hopkins Robotics’ Technocrats, HEF’s Awesome Fund has awarded a stipend of $1,600 to help the team travel to Houston, Texas in May for the 2022 FIRST World Championships. Learn more 2021-2022 NJH, WJH, HHS

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