Backstage ‘Magic’

Stage-Lighting WJH grants fall 2018The theater program at West Junior High is expanding its playbill of performances; this grant to provide stage lighting and a professional light board for student training will offer the opportunity for increased student involvement, both in and beyond the classroom. Learning theater technical skills is a detailed endeavor in ‘backward design’ – deciding how a finished product will look and then making that happen. It will become part of the Design Cycle at WJH as students discover that theatrical magic is not magic at all, but a true skill set based on attention to detail, math, science, circuits, electricity, following a script, and teamwork. WJH students will now have a new hands-on niche in which to participate, and a path to greater future involvement at HHS and the larger community.


Awarded Fall 2018
West Junior High
Submitters: Janine Burns, Donna Philippot, Danielle Boor

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