Beautiful Education

This pilot project is an afterschool class in ethnic hair hygiene and maintenance to teach scholars self-care, inspire confidence, and to reinforce natural beauty. It also fills a gap in the beauty industry… and may perhaps spark a passionate career. Salons do not always “do that type of hair”, leaving students from bi- or tri-racial households left feeling alone and without the resources to manage their own hair care. The class will teach the skills to keep up with modern trends, while sending the message to embrace and accept yourself. This knowledge will build self-confidence as it ties history and culture to hands-on experience.

By the end of this program at a Minneapolis studio, the twelve students will earn Barbicide Certification on sanitation, their own ‘how to’ video, and have their own activity book with notes, documents, diagrams, and resources. Students will receive hands-on training, putting their skills into practice on mannequins and their peers. Elementary students will be invited to volunteer for students’ final projects. This may become an ongoing Continuing Ed class, depending on the interest shown in this program.

Awarded Fall 2021
NJH, WJH, HHS Submitter: Paris Timmons

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