Beyond Aristotle and Dante

Beyond Aristotle and Dante fall grantsIncorporating student choice into literature studies provides enhanced engagement with the material and a deeper willingness to dig in, as evidenced this fall at NJH. When 9th grade distance learners received their bookbag of assorted novels to choose from for the study of Media Literacy, back at the start of Term 1, the bag also included Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, meant for the Relationship Reflections unit in Term 3. Apparently, students enjoyed the material so much that they plowed on ahead and read everything, including Aristotle and Dante, and are now asking for more. This grant provides a selection of LGBTQ novels for students to choose from for the upcoming unit on Relationships, as well as a basis for the Socratic Seminars based in Social Emotional Learning and empathy. Books will be shared/traded with WJH, and virtual book clubs are being considered across the two junior high buildings.

Awarded Fall 2020
North Junior High
Submitter: Kimberly Busch

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