Bringing Drama to the Classroom

Drama grant presentation imageWe all know Shakespeare’s famous quote from As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” In celebration of the Bard’s recent 450th birthday, this grant of a portable folding stage offers HHS literature students the opportunity to immerse themselves and perform material they both read and create.

Public speaking is a wonderful life skill and the Language Arts Department offers a myriad of energizing opportunities, such as presentations of projects and creative writing, dramatic performances of plays, and the reading aloud of powerful passages. This small formal stage commands attention, yet allows students to remain in their intimate classroom setting.

The larger performance spaces in the high school are in daily use by the school’s many choirs, orchestras, and bands. This ‘mobile theater’ allows teachers to actively engage their students in the world of literature and theater, and to experience the true physical power of words.

Awarded Spring 2014
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Ryan Hogan, Dain Liepa, Bethany Ocar

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