Building Foldable Camp Chairs

Gatewood Elementary is rapidly becoming a K-5 Outdoor Education School (check out their goats and their greenhouse), and this HEF grant is the perfect complement to their exciting endeavors. These 60 foldable camp chairs, to be built by the 4th grade students next fall, will be used outdoors for many, many years by ALL Gatewood students. Students, guided by Urban Boat Builders of St. Paul (link to previous HEF grants for Canoes and Longboards to Alice Smith Elementary HERE and HERE) will do the majority of the work themselves: planning, measuring (twice), cutting, and building. Fully engaged in an active learning experience, students will hardly notice they’re practicing their core math curriculum, but the skills and pride in accomplishment they acquire will be immeasurable. Gatewood has paired HEF’s grant with a $4000 donation from Education Evolving through the Leon Lowenstein Foundation to fully fund this project.


Awarded Spring 2022
Gatewood Elementary
Submitters: Tracey Beaverson, James Ikhaml, Keri Strusz

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