Building STEAM

Each of the 750 K-6 students at Eisenhower participate in a five-six week STEAM rotation twice per year (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) designed to teach Next Generation Science Standards. These standards are student performance expectations and a deeper understanding of content, NOT curriculum-based. Much of this grant will purchase non-consumable building materials to be used for years to come in this quality STEAM program, providing opportunities for critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

The goal is to offer rigorous and authentic learning experiences, with the inspiration coming from students’ imagination and innovation. Experiments and real-world problem-solving will be based on such topics as inclined planes and simple machines, bridges, buildings, structures and architecture, design, cause and effect, stability, weight, systems and parts and wholes, forces, motion, gravity, balance, speed, distance, and measurement.

Science and engineering jobs are growing 70 percent faster than other occupations. This means our students will be at an advantage when competing for the high-tech, high-wage jobs of the future. It is also critical for all members of our society to be informed consumers and make decisions about complex issues facing the world.

Awarded Fall 2021
Eisenhower, XinXing Academy, Juntos Immersion
Submitters:Suzanne Bailey, Sarah Dallum

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