Building Thinking Classrooms in Math

Math in Tanglen fifth grade classrooms (nearly 70 students) is going vertical. This HEF grant provides large, double sided white boards for an entire math class to use at once. The multiple 2’ x 4’ portable, nesting whiteboards can be slid around the room to offer enough space for each student to stand up as they work, and enables the teacher to see what everyone is working on. Students’ active thinking is sparked by the physicality of standing up and the freedom to spread their equations over a large surface. This in turn creates collaborative thinking strategies and deeper engagement with math. Photos can be taken of work in progress, enabling students to refer back and to learn from one another. While this is a pilot for Hopkins, this teaching method has been used for several years, among more than 400 educators around the country.

Awarded Fall 2021
Tanglen Elementary
Submitter: Kim Rossow

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