Butterflies at WJH

This fascinating opt-in experience for 60 students is already underway at West Junior High during “Flex Fridays”.  The Peterson and Wester Butterfly Project is an enrichment opportunity, part of a bigger project encompassing native plant gardens, climate initiative, composting, and bird observations at WJH. Each student will observe the metamorphosis of their own Painted Lady Butterfly as a complement to the science ecology unit, and the entire 7th grade will participate in the butterfly release at the end of May. Much larger conversations about ecosystems and life cycles will accompany observations, scientific drawings, and the creation and monitoring of an initial artificial habitat. Butterflies offers a tangible hands-on investment, something all students can tune in to, and an engaging hook to pull students into the wider curriculum.



Awarded Spring 2022
West Junior High
Submitter: Lindsey Leseman, Sami Peterson, Lauren Wester

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