Classroom Supports for Self-Regulation

Classroom Support grants fall 2017

Preschoolers are active and enthusiastic, and preschool is an exciting place full of new friends and new experiences. It can sometimes be overwhelming for these young children, and a large part of being fully ready for Kindergarten is learning to self-calm and focus, to learn to stay positively engaged with a teacher and classmates. Weighted sensory lap pads, breathing balls, and fidget toys are just a few examples of simple yet effective tools that Harley Hopkins will purchase with this grant. These tools will profoundly increase staff’s ability to guide students to de-stress and de-escalate, with the goal of staying in their familiar learning environment and quickly rejoining on-going activities.




Awarded Fall 2017
Harley Hopkins Family Center
Submitters: Sarah Chovan, Kathy Willett, Lori Lorenz

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