Community Education

The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Hopkins Community Education.

Title Description Year
Theater Project Theater Project 2001-2002
DVD Resources for Parent Education These informational DVD's for parent education classes provide a cost-efficient way to increase parent education and involvement. 2007-2008
Making College a Reality for English Language Learners This innovative parent involvement program works with families of English Language Learners to explain the college process and help families better prepare their students. Read more 2011-2012
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching Professional life coaches will provide one on one coaching for students and workshops for teachers, staff, and parents. Read more 2011-2012
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching Professional life coaches will provide one on one coaching for students and workshops for teachers, staff, and parents. Read more 2012-2013
STEM2: Boosting the Power of STEM Beyond the Classroom Royal Bash 2014 Special Appeal, year two of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal grant propelled Hopkins’ STEM curriculum beyond the traditional school day — before school, after school, during breaks, and in the summer. Read more 2013-2014
Latino Youth Group An after-school program for Latino youth will be offered next winter and spring to foster leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills in a comfortable peer group setting. Read more. 2016-2017
Hopkins High School Student Campaign HEF, along with Community Ed, will co-fund the assistance of Community Blueprint, a local social marketing company that develops successful campaigns around policy, prevention, and behavior change initiatives. Read more. 2017-2018
Project-Based Learning for Students with Unique Learning Needs This HEF grant will purchase reusable hand tools such as hammers and screw drivers, hand drills, squares, tape measures and paint brushes, along with supplies of screws, nails and wood to actively engage Transition Plus students in hands-on development of practical skills. Read more. 2017-2018
Growing Healthy Food and Life-Long Skills With this grant, Transition Plus (T-Plus) students are expanding their repertoire of marketable skills to include design/build hydroponic grow systems. HEF will fund the tools and materials to seed this new endeavor of the Project Based Learning Class, part of the T-Plus curriculum. Read more. 2018-2019
Edible Education: Kitchen a la Cart This portable kitchen will expand the opportunities for fun, experiential learning, including what constitutes healthy food and good nutrition, math and organization skills, as well as following directions (and the sometimes-foul consequences of NOT following them). Kitchen a la Cart will be housed at Eisenhower Community Center and can be pushed right into the classroom. Read more. 2018-2019
Family Engagement This grant provides a research-based family engagement program based on the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Model of the Parental Involvement Process. The program is based on decades of research on increasing student achievement by increasing parental efficacy, knowledge, motivation, and confidence to partner with the school system. Learn more. 2021-2022
Cultural Recipes and Food Science This grant provides kits to enable online students to connect with their caretakers, family, culture and local culture while developing real life skills and work skills in food planning, prep and safety by utilizing scientific methods and oral, written and digital communication to validate and empower their cultural identity and self-sufficiency. Learn more 2021-2022

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