Community, Growth and Inspiration Grant – $2,000

The Community, Growth, and Inspiration Grant’s goal is to take 7th-9th grade students who are part of the Learning Choices Changes (LCC) program at North Junior High School (NJH) outside of their classroom walls and into the community on highly-active outings that allow them to practice their social-emotional skills while also engaging them in meaningful and challenging activities. Special Education Teacher Christopher Johnson aspires to give these students, who suffer from emotional behavior disorders, authentic opportunities to develop their confidence, empathy, humility and future thinking with grant funds. Some of the activities and outings to be included are a trip to a high-ropes course and flight simulation center as well as to create various forms of art, to name a few. 

The LCC offers replacement classes in Language/Literature, Science, Math, Individuals and Societies, and all students in the program take a Social Emotional Learning class. Students may also come to the LCC during their general education classes for mindfulness breaks, to discuss problems or en route to the school social worker for additional support. 

In addition to social-emotional learning this grant challenges students to overcome fears and preconceived ideas about themselves and create new understandings of self, their interests and their future. Also at the heart of this grant is equity since most LCC students lack the means to afford exploration of this type outside of the school setting. We can’t wait to see the places you go, LCC students!



Awarded Fall 2022
North Junior High School
Submitter: Special Education Teacher Christopher Johnson

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