Core Curriculum and Reading Grants

HEF partners with the District to provide grants that help to enrich the core curriculum and engage our scholars more fully.  In particular, HEF has supported the District’s strong focus on reading and literacy for young learners. Below is a list of grants that HEF has provided to support the District’s core curriculum.

Learn more about the range of grants HEF provides across the entire curriculum.

Title Year Description Schools
Success Maker Program 1996-1997 Supported purchase of interactive computer program shown to significantly increase student achievement in math and reading. Eisenhower
Stock Market Game 1996-1997 Purchased computer software incorporating the use of technology in the study of the stock market, a hot dog stand business, and supply and demand theory. Katherine Curren
Literary Magazine 1996-1997 Supported creation of a literary magazine publishing student work. HHS
Success Maker Software 1997-1998 Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. Katherine Curren
Success Maker Software 1997-1998 Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. Tanglen
Freshwater Academy 1998-1999 Established Freshwater Academy, a full-semester program integrating learning in environmental issues, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education. HHS
Young Writers Conference 1998-1999 Sponsored attendance at Young Writers Conference. Alice Smith
Glen Lake Writers Consortium 1999-2000 Created a Writers' Consortium fpr all 4th and 5th graders to introduce them to the varied writing opportunities. Glen Lake
Reading Resource Lab 1999-2000 Creating computer program and trained reading teachers to track reading progress of each student. Alice Smith
Tools for Writing Skills 2000-2001 HEF awarded a grant to help Eisenhower create a specialized skill development writing program for students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as needing additional writing instruction and development. Eisenhower
Booster Camp 2001-2002 HEF awarded a grant for a four day “Booster Camp” experience for children entering the first grade who need additional reading instruction. Meadowbrook
Culture of Literacy 2001-2002 Backed a program to create a “culture of literacy” which includes the purchase of books for every classroom, incentive programs for reading, and staff development. WJH
Writing Curriculum Training 2001-2002 Granted funds to improve the writing assessment skills of teachers, and help them integrate the writing curriculum with the new reading curriculum. Eisenhower
Math Enrichment 2001-2002 Provided funds for staff to enrich fifth grade math and writing skills. Katherine Curren
SET Libraries for Literacy 2001-2002 Provided books for the SET libraries to insure motivation and success for all students. WJH
Guided Reading 2001-2002 Funded a guided reading program providing 1,200 books for students ranging from pre-readers to fluent readers in three grades. Katherine Curren
Cross-Cultural Teaching Project 2001-2002 Piloted the cross-curricular teaching project which integrates instruction in science, social studies and English. NJH
Assurance of Mastery Support 2001-2002 Supported bus transportation for students participating in the Assurance of Mastery (AOM) program. Gatewood
Staff Training 2001-2002 Staff Training Katherine Curren
Tools for Writing Skills 2002-2003 Awarded a grant for the Success Maker Enterprise program providing computerized, individual instruction in reading and math allowing each student to enter into the program at their ability level and move at their own pace. Eisenhower
Read Naturally 2002-2003 Provided funds for software for the reading support program Read Naturally, which improves reading fluency and comprehension. Katherine Curren
Guided Reading 2002-2003 Funded a grant to purchase Guided Reading materials that supplies all teachers and students with multiple copies of books for all reading levels and various interests. Alice Smith
Read 180 for Struggling Readers 2002-2003 Provided funding for the Area Learning Center’s Read 180 program (software and print materials) allowing struggling readers to achieve grade level performance through interactive technology and independent reading. NJH
Success Maker Software 2002-2003 Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. Katherine Curren
Readers' Workshop 2002-2003 Granted funds to continue the Reading Workshop program for Grades 5 and 6 providing a week-long concentrated reading intervention aimed at English Language Learner (ELL) students and others who struggle with reading. Meadowbrook
Media Center 2002-2003 Media Center Glen Lake
Reading Fluency 2003-2004 Supported a grant to address reading fluency among 5th and 6th grade students with small-group, concentrated reading study and continued intervention in order to develop fluent, independent readers Alice Smith
West Junior High Book Club 2003-2004 Granted funds to continue a book club designed to encourage a love of literature among all students. WJH
High School Book Clubs 2003-2004 Provided funding for Men’s and Women’s Book RAP groups, designed to encourage literacy and create a social setting outside of school to promote reading for enjoyment. HHS
Elementary Learning Centers 2003-2004 Awarded funding for the development of Learning Centers at all elementary schools in the district. This sizable grant of $45,000 will fund specialized instruction for students requiring basic skills instruction. The Learning Centers will provide direct instruction in reading, writing and/or math. All elementary
STAR Fund -- HHS Writing Class 2003-2004 Awarded $30,000 to restore sections of a writing class, preventing the number of students in those classes from rising to 28 from the current 16-20 students. This allows teachers to give individual, immediate feedback leading to improved writing skills. HHS
STAR Fund -- Junior High Core Classes 2003-2004 Awarded $48,000 for the schools to restore five sections in core classes like English, Math, Science and Social Studies. This helps to decrease class size allowing instructors to sustain a higher level of teacher to student/family contact and services. NJH, WJH
STAR Fund -- LRT Support in Elementary Schools 2003-2004 Awarded $115,000 buying back over 4,900 hours of LRT (Learning Resource Teacher) support. This is equivalent to restoring one hour per day to a grade level across all elementary schools. All elementary
Audio Visual Library 2003-2004 Audio Visual Library WJH
Leveled Books 2004-2005 Leveled Books Alice Smith
LeapFrog Learning systems 2004-2005 Supported the purchase of additional LeapFrog Learning Systems to improve reading and comprehension skills for struggling readers. Already in use in two classrooms, this highly successful tool will now be available in all classrooms Grades K-2. Eisenhower
Multimedia Cart for Current Events 2004-2005 Supported the purchase of a multimedia cart for AP Government and US History courses in order to seamlessly integrate current events into the classroom, accommodate students’ learning styles and expand the classroom beyond the school day through technology. Hopkins High School
Off-Campus Pavilion Library 2004-2005 Awarded a grant to build a small library for use by at-risk students where they will learn to access resources, actively read and discuss books with a significant adult, and appreciate reading as an active, shared experience. Hopkins High School
Ethnic Books Challenge 2004-2005 Awarded a grant for the purchase of books for the Minority Challenge group in order to inspire success in high school. NJH
Multi-Level Reading Kits 2004-2005 Awarded a grant to fund multi-level reading kits for fourth grade students that allows for each student to progress according to their own abilities and take responsibility for their own learning. Tanglen
Area Learning Centers 2004-2005 A $45,000 award provided certified instructors to work with individual or small groups of elementary students who need assistance with basic skills in core subjects. This tutoring takes place outside the normal school day allowing teachers time to provide for the learning needs of all students, including middle and upper achievement level students. All elementary
Leapfrog Literary Centers 2004-2005 A $40,000 award for Leapfrog Literacy Centers used by kindergartners and first graders to reinforce letter recognition, rhyming words, sounds, word recognition and fluency. HEF funded a pilot of this program at Eisenhower, which received enthusiastic reviews and prompted the request to take the program district-wide. All elementary
Young Authors 2004-2005 Young Authors Eisenhower
Drop Everything and Read 2005-2006 Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) provides grade appropriate mini classroom libraries and common novels for “North Reads” to strengthen reading comprehension of all North Junior High students, regardless of the level of reader. NJH
Enhanced Library 2005-2006 This grant updates the library collection at Katherine Curren Elementary in order to better match students’ interest and reading level. Katherine Curren
Young Authors 2005-2006 Young Authors allows high achieving writers at Eisenhower Elementary to attend a seminar where exposure to a variety of writing, illustrating, and publishing provides inspiration for future writing. Eisenhower
Matching Books to Readers 2005-2006 Matching Books to Readers expands the library collection to better meet the needs of beginning and early readers. Glen Lake Elementary will add books that are categorized by content and level of difficulty. This enhances independent reading by matching student reading level to book difficulty. Glen Lake
West Writers' Club 2005-2006 The West Writer’s Workshop offers an after school activity for West Junior High students interested in multiple styles of writing and gives students an opportunity to gain measurable progress in their writing abilities. WJH
Pre AP Social Studies 2005-2006 Social studies interactive curriculum challenges and prepares gifted learners for high school Advanced Placement classes. NJH
Reading Comprehension Materials 2005-2006 This grant provides Reading Comprehension Materials for students who need assistance in understanding and retaining what they are reading. WJH
Good Books 2005-2006 This grant provides a collection of “Good Books” that appeal to reluctant readers and encourage recreational reading. WJH
Culture of Literacy 2005-2006 This grant stocks classrooms with mini-libraries specific to the subject the teacher is teaching. WJH
Boys and Writing 2006-2007 Gatewood Elementary received a grant from the Hopkins Education Foundation to focus on strategies for increasing writing motivation and achievement for boys. Read more. Gatewood
Young Authors' Writing Enrichment 2006-2007 Provides 30 fifth and sixth grade Eisenhower students the opportunity to learn from professional writers at the Young Authors Conference at Bethel College. Student writers attend a keynote with a published author as well as participate in small group workshops. Eisenhower
West Writers' Group 2006-2007 Provides an after-school creative writing program utilizing digital cameras and visual arts to deepen the writing experience for students. WJH
Harley Hopkins Children's Library 2006-2007 To promote early formation of literacy skills, this grant provides books and listening activities for the 700 children and their families in the early childhood classrooms at Harley Hopkins including ECFE, the Hopkins Kaleidoscope Program, and ECSE. Harley Hopkins
Pre AP Vertical Teaming 2006-2007 To increase the number and diversity of students who participate in and succeed in advanced coursework, all junior high and high schoolteachers will be equipped with the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in active high level learning. Teachers will work in subject area teams across grades 6-10 to design lessons that vertically articulate the vocabulary, critical thinking skills and the concepts necessary to enable students to build the skills and confidence required for AP coursework. District-wide
Modeling Constructive Responses Using Student Work 2007-2008 This program gives students the courage to try new problems and improves the quality of their written responses. HHS
Future Cities Competition 2007-2008 Students use computer software to design a city, build a scale model, write an essay and present a speech. NJH
Books for Reluctant Readers 2007-2008 This program is designed to help readers who have varying levels of proficiency learn to develop a love a reading. NJH
Teaching Pre-AP Writing Skills 2007-2008 Students will build confidence as writers, peer editors and collaborators while gaining a sharp eye for detail. NJH
Second Grade Reading Support 2007-2008 This grant provides more cartridges for the Leap PadTM system, an instructional technology that offers interactive, multi-sensory instruction to struggling young readers. Meadowbrook
Four-Level Analysis: A Grammar Instruction Pilot 2008-2009 This grant funds a document camera that is fundamental to this grammar instruction pilot program. It allows students to showcase their work for class discussion. NJH
Student Support with Programmed Reading 2008-2009 This grant funds a reading program to help below-grade readers and ELL students achieve success in reading. Alice Smith
Listening Center 2008-2009 This grant funds multi-user listening centers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th graders, to help expose students to literature that is at their maturity level but beyond their reading level. Glen Lake
RTI Reading Intervention 2008-2009 This early reading intervention pilot program provides 1st graders with literacy assistance including phonemic awareness, word decoding and vocabulary skills. Glen Lake
Calculator Library for Students 2008-2009 This grant funds 25 HP graphing calculators for students to checkout at the Media Center. HHS
Triumphs in Reading 2009-2019 This series of reading intervention books helps special education teachers effectively and efficiently teach a reader decoding, encoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills that support one another and align with Wilson reading skills. Alice Smith
Home Connection Literacy Bags 2009-2010 The Literacy Bags program for first graders offers great opportunities for students and their families to work together with activity packs. The activities also promote higher order thinking skills and have a writing component. Glen Lake
TeacherMate Hand-Held Computer System 2009-2010 The TeacherMate program is an integrated learning system specifically designed to meet the needs of K-2 students. Programmed to adapt to Hopkins core math and reading curriculum, this system effectively delivers differentiated instruction for all levels of learners with intriguing learning activities. Alice Smith
Reading Matters 2009-2010 To promote reading and develop confidence in reading skills during the summer months, 1st and 2nd grade students are given books matched to their reading level. Alice Smith
Nooks "4" Books 2010-2011 E-book pilot. Teachers can engage students by giving them quick access to popular new books. This 21st century technology helps disguise the difficulty level of books to reduce the embarrassment some students feel who are reading below grade level. NJH
Nooks: Any Book, Any Kid, Any Time 2010-2011 E-book pilot. Teachers can engage students by giving them quick access to popular new books. This 21st century technology helps disguise the difficulty level of books to reduce the embarrassment some students feel who are reading below grade level. Glen Lake
Kindle the Love of Learning 2010-2011 E-book pilot. Teachers can engage students by giving them quick access to popular new books. This 21st century technology helps disguise the difficulty level of books to reduce the embarrassment some students feel who are reading below grade level. Alice Smith
Books on Hand -- Grades 5 and 6 2010-2011 Classroom libraries are important to build good reading skills because they are easy for kids to access. This grant enhances classroom libraries in all our elementary schools by increasing the non-fiction offerings and providing engaging options for readers with diverse interests and skill levels. All elementary schools
Daily 5 Listening Centers 2011-2012 Resources that support the 'listening' phase of the classroom Daily 5. Read more Glen Lake
Lexia Reading Program 2011-2012 Lexia software provides reading assessment, lesson plans and teaching tools that adjust to students’ progress and individual needs. Students at home can also access the web-based technology. Read more Tanglen
Books on Hand -- Grades 3 and 4 2011-2012 Expanding classroom libraries for grades 3 and 4 in all elementary schools. Read more All elementary schools
Making All of Us Published Authors 2011-2012 Students create, illustrate and publish their own book in Language Arts class. The project helps students develop writing, illustrating, editing and technology skills. Read more Off-Campus Pavilion
Enhancing Teen Literacy via eBooks 2012-2013 Students in grades 7-12 will have 24/7 online access to 900 titles of popular fiction and nonfiction e-books. Read more NJH, WJH, HHS
Leamos -- Let's Read 2012-2013 Purchase 200 Spanish books for the North Junior High library. Read more NJH
iPod Listening Centers 2012-2013 Books with audio CDs for iPod to enhance the Daily Five. Read more Meadowbrook
Books on Hand -- Grades 1 and 2 2012-2013 First and second grade classroom libraries will receive expanded book options to build literacy skills. Read more All elementary schools
Academic Support Center 2012-2013 Teachers and student mentors provide after-school homework assistance in math, science, and language arts. Read more HHS
Literacy Intervention 2013-2014 Exciting, well-paced materials to help bring struggling readers to grade level. Read more Meadowbrook
Summer Reading Library 2013-2014 A library of 'high interest' books for NJH students to check-out during the summer to maintain their reading habit. Read more NJH
History Live 2015-2016 Minnesota Historical Society experts will use 21st Century technology to ‘transport’ Hopkins students back in time, connecting them to important segments of our country’s history. Read more. NJH, WJH, all 6th grades
Shifting to New Concepts in Literacy 2015-2016 HEF is partnering with the Hopkins School District to send nine teachers to train next summer in successful research-based adolescent literacy education for junior high and high school students. These teachers will in turn train others in the District in these ‘best practices’. Read more. NJH, WJH, HHS
Increasing Success and Rigor in Advanced Placement 2015-2016 This HEF grant funds initial access to, online practice multiple choice questions with immediate results and feedback. This vehicle targets higher achievement by allowing students to practice fact-based knowledge at home. Read more. HHS
Boogie Boards 2016-2017 Young hands learn through practice and class participation, and these Boogie Board Jot eWriters encourage both. Read more Tanglen
One-on-One Royal Readers 2016-2017 HEF will fund this updated collection of high-interest culturally-relevant books for an exciting new reading initiative. Trained literacy volunteers will work one-on-one with first grade students on a weekly basis, and the books will also be available for classroom teachers’ use. Read more Tanglen
ACT Online Test Prep 2016-2017 With this grant, every HHS student's Chromebrook will have software, providing skill-strengthening activities and practice ACT tests. Read more HHS
Creative Project Zone 2016-2017 A mobile cart of creativity will now be available to all 800 NJH students and staff to support countless imaginative projects throughout the building. Read more NJH
Brain Training to Instill Grit 2016-2017 ‘Thinking outside the box’ begins with students’ determination to solve problems and the confidence in their ability to persevere. Brain puzzles are an interactive way for students to practice grit and creativity – strengths that 21st Century learners need in addition to academics. Read more Tanglen
Read, Read, Read! 2016-2017 Physical books possess an intangible power that cannot be found in a device. Adroitly harnessing that power can turn even reluctant students into passionate life-long readers. Read more Meadowbrook
Sequels on the Shelves 2016-2017 Classroom libraries promote literacy through easy access to high-interest material.  This grant of sequels to popular teen novels promises to keep readers intrigued far beyond the assigned reading. Learn more. NJH
Giant Maps: Sitting on Top of the World 2017-2018 Short of viewing Earth from space, National Geographic’s Giant Maps are the most exciting way for students to explore their world in realistic scale to develop a global understanding of its size and scope. This HEF grant will purchase two permanent vinyl maps: a 20’ x 26’ North American map, and a 17’ x 21’ Minnesota map. Read more. District-wide -- K to 6
Experiential Language Learning 2017-2018 Links to Learning, a special education program located at Gatewood Elementary, serves our students with severe cognitive disabilities. This HEF grant provides a library of engaging materials to foster active and enthusiastic learning through hands-on activities, and to provide the repetition needed to enhance core skills and vocabulary. Read more. Gatewood
Lab Packs: Rethinking Homework 2019-2020 As an innovative pilot alternative to traditional homework, Meadowbrook third graders will take home weekly tote bags filled with fun, interesting experiences for students to explore. These "home connection literacy packs" will expand students’ range of experiences and broaden background knowledge around a variety of topics, cultures, and points of view, including the fine arts, STEM and more. Read more. Meadowbrook
Log Cabin Outdoor Learning 2019-2020 A new child-sized log cabin will be added to the outdoor preschool play area in this collaboration among all early learning programs at Meadowbrook. As staff model care and concern for nature and the environment, preschoolers will be guided in activities designed to develop essential skills, observe changes in nature, and work cooperatively. Read more. Meadowbrook
Poet in Residence 2019-2020 Poetry is a creative way for students to express themselves. Through this poetry residency, fourth and fifth grade students will receive guidance from a published poet, and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through poetry. Learn more. Xin-Xing
Home Studios Unlock Creativity 2020-2021 This grant purchases home studio equipment for use in rotation by a cohort of social studies staff at NJH. Their goal is to create digital content more engaging than what can be produced on district-issued hardware, and to meet the individual needs of their students. Learn more NJH
Micro Home Libraries 2020-2021 This grant puts two books by BIPOC authors (black, indigenous, people of color) into each of the hands of Reading Acceleration students whose home libraries are small to nonexistent. The pandemic makes this endeavor all the more important and timely, as these students are experiencing school in isolation at home. Learn more. NJH
Fine Motor Kits for Distance Littles 2020-2021 Development of fine motor skills and muscle memory is essential to successful writing, cutting, gluing, and many other tasks. This grant funds 22 Fine Motor Kits to be sent home with students, along with engaging, instructive lessons and games. Learn more Tanglen
Grade 5 Virtual Literacy 2020-2021 Currently, fifth graders are acquiring 60-100% of their learning virtually. This grant funds subscriptions to a slate of digital literacy resources to enhance and engage their endeavors during this very unusual year of COVID-19. Learn more All elementary
Reading Groups, Together At Home 2020-2021 For the 66 Tanglen second graders enrolled in the Distance Learning Academy, the typical access to multiple books is not available. This grant provides multiple copies of 35 titles, both fiction and non fiction selections, with a diversity of main characters. Students will engage in small reading groups tailored to their needs, along with their teacher, via Googlemeets while staying safe at home.Learn more Tanglen 2020-2021 This user-friendly platform for AP History has received a big thumbs up from HHS students and staff in the past, and the ability for HEF to pick up the funding this year has been crucial for distance learners. Learn more HHS
A Great Hopkins Read-Along 2020-2021 This grant will bring all Hopkins scholars together through a shared reading experience. Different books will be chosen for different grade levels and purchased with HEF funds. Learn more All elementary
VariQuest Design Center 2020-2021 This wonderful tool is much more than a time saver for creating beautiful bulletin board displays. VariQuest Design Center quickly “cuts out” visual and kinesthetic learning tools and manipulatives from heavy-duty re-usable vinyl.At-home kits can be created for reinforcement and fun.Learn more Alice Smith
Glen Lake Go! Bus Design and Wrap 2020-2021 A dedicated bus, called “Glen Lake Go!” is the modern substitute for a magic carpet, whisking students off to first-hand experiences and behind-the-scenes looks at the fascinating opportunities across our community. HEF will fund the colorful student-designed 3M vinyl bus wrap to make this vehicle super special, and even more exciting. Learn more Glen Lake
Personalized Literacy 2021-2022 This grant purchases ‘flash fiction’ anthologies – good writing with high rigor that can be consumed in a single sitting (one hour). It allows for personalized learning and engagement, choice of material reflective of many cultures, and skill development through small-group literary circles. Learn more. HHS
'Learner Profile' Book of the Month Club 2021-2022 This Book of the Month Club is for all 850 Eisenhower K-6 students on the school’s three learning pathways: Community School, XinXing Academy and Juntos Spanish Immersion. It benefits the larger goal of fostering internationally minded young people who recognize the common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, and who help to create a better and more peaceful world. Learn more Eisenhower, XinXing, Juntos
Play-Based Learning to Deepen Inquiry 2021-2022 This grant provides materials to support a play-based learning environment to encourage children to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.Learn more. Meadwobrook
Learning with Heart 2021-2022 The materials purchased with this grant engage kindergarten students through enhanced literacy instruction that is more visual, more hands-on, more descriptive, more authentic. By integrating this literacy instruction throughout the school day in an authentic, experiential learning environment designed with students, students become the focus of learning. Learn more. Tanglen
The Science of Reading 2021-2022 The materials purchased with the grant are designed to train teachers how to use tools to aid in what they learn about how the brain learns to read. The long range goal is for all teachers a Glen Lake to know the science behind how students learn to read. Learn more. Glen Lake
Royal Voices Library 2021-2022 Yes, Hopkins student, YOUR creative visions may someday become published works shared with the world! Need proof? Look no further than the impressive array of Royal Voices, a new special collection coming soon to the HHS Media Center, exclusively containing the published works of your Hopkins alumni. Learn more HHS
Multi-Grade-Level Choice Novels 2021-2022 Two teachers new to North Junior High are energized to increase the selection of novels for their students to choose from. With this grant, the Language Arts department will purchase about 300 curricular-appropriate novels to engage students across multiple genres, topics, and reading levels, all designed to positively impact student engagement, self-confidence, and growth. Learn more NJH

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