Cultural Recipes and Food Science

“If you want teens to show up, you have to feed them” – parents everywhere.

This grant supports project-based science investigations for 7-12 grade scholars in the newly formed project-based Hopkins Online Royal Academy (HORA). On Flex Fridays, students will be offered weekly drop-in lab experiences investigating food science and exploring cultural recipes, ideally culminating in (online or in person depending on Covid precautions) food demos, a collaborative cookbook, and a food fair. Take-home science kit options are available to students who have not been successful in traditional school settings or cannot attend due to health or other personal reasons.

Students will complete standardized food tests on known materials (ingredients such as corn starch, flour, types of sugar, etc.). All students will follow lab procedure and food safety protocol such as wearing goggles and gloves, hand washing, and proper equipment and surface preparation. At the end of the semester, they will have the opportunity to make and test family recipes using these same test kits, along with the option of publishing their cultural recipe and/or creating a video. This project will help students develop cultural competency as well as the 21st century skills of teamwork, global thinking, and various communication modes.

Historically oppressed learners will benefit from engaging in learning about and from members of their own family or community. Language and writing may be completed in student’s home language. Special Education learners are afforded several entry points and levels of involvement, from cooking a recipe with a home partner to taste testing or fully completing the science labs.

Many HORA learners have several siblings in the program, so the self-sufficiency of food planning and preparation weaves seamlessly with additional caretaking responsibilities these scholars and their families encounter daily.

Awarded Fall 2021
Hopkins Online Royal Academy
Submitter: Sharon Meierhofer

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