Designing a Coding Curriculum for K-6

From the Star Tribune Feb 5, 2016:

There are more than half a million vacant computer and IT jobs in the country. As more industries go digital, another half a million jobs are expected to be added by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Tech jobs in Minnesota are 1.2 times more concentrated than in the nation overall.

Designing Coding GrantThis HEF grant to Alice Smith Elementary will fund the design of a Coding Curriculum for grades K-6, building the necessary soft and hard skills needed for computer programming, and offering access to the vast opportunities awaiting our students in the future. This curriculum will go beyond the Hour of Code already engaging our students, and Hopkins will be one of the few school districts in Minnesota to offer a formal coding curriculum for K-6.

Coding instruction will reinforce and support skills already intentionally taught at the Hopkins elementary level: organization, perseverance, questioning, and risk taking. And this curriculum will offer support of problem solving, sequencing and logical thinking skills, which are necessary for ALL 21st Century students, regardless of their future in high tech.


This vertical and comprehensive curriculum will include ‘coding kits’ for classrooms and support resources. It will be designed to teach programming skills in a logical and systematic way as it builds from grade to grade, motivating students with engaging, hands-on activities, both ‘plugged’ and ‘unplugged’.


Awarded Spring 2016
Alice Smith Elementary
Submitters: Jodi De St. Hubert, Emily Acker, Doreen Carlson

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