Designing for Sustainability

The kits from Carolina Biological provided by this grant will arm students with the tools to investigate and design solar and wind forms of sustainable energy. The 7-8 week unit will include discussions of the political implications of using or not using sustainable forms of energy and the impact of climate change. Students will be asked to think critically about which forms of energy are most available, which offer better security, and the barriers and cost benefits to each. The kits, which will last for three to five years, may also include other forms of sustainable energy such as geothermal, hydroelectric, and biofuels. Students will be empowered to follow their own curiosity; some may be inspired to join the next generation of climate change problem solvers.

The 8th grade design curriculum encompasses six classes at WJH (180 students) and eleven classes at NJH (330 students).

Awarded Fall 2021
North Junior High, West Junior High
Submitters: Jeremy Reichel, Kurt Carlson, Brett Shand, Becky Jacobson, Frances Gibson

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