Digital Video Studio

FALL GRANTS 2015 Digital Video StudioRoyal Roundup, NJH’s weekly video show presented to the entire student body, will get a big facelift. This grant enables North’s student Genius Team to take the lead in designing and remodeling the current outdated video studio. New equipment will be used for the Roundup, and will also be available to all students to create, edit, and share video productions with a school-wide audience.


Royal Roundup fall grants 2015


The video space will be iPad-centric, so students – not adults – will be the stars of the show. Students and teachers will use the equipment to enhance engagement and increase opportunities for learning.  Read more about Royal Roundup.


Awarded Fall 2015
North Junior High
Submitters: Debbie Hahn, Becky Fritz, Jen Legatt

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