Distance Music Microphones

Distance Music Microphones fall grants 2020This grant purchases an external microphone and stand for each elementary school music teacher, greatly improving the quality of their lessons and level of student engagement. The equipment will increase audio quality of both voice and instruments, eliminate stray background sound that interferes with lessons, and better model the true sound staff is trying to teach. It is far superior to the built-in microphones of the staff laptops, which are not designed for producing music lessons. When in-person learning resumes, the microphones will be used for recording projects… students consistently present a lot of energy when performing into a real microphone. Some planned future uses for the microphones include recording classroom group performances for student review, recording sing-alongs for substitute teachers or before concerts, recording students at an independent station in the classroom, recording students into Garageband to create personalized “loops,” and recording an honor choir or student created work for archiving or broadcast to other classes. In addition, the music teachers will communicate ideas and share equipment with the band and orchestra teachers that travel between buildings.

Awarded Fall 2020
All Elementary Schools
Submitter: Jonathan Feulner

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