DIY STEM Tinker Kits

Fridays have been ‘STEM at Home Day’ for the 67 sixth graders at Glen Lake, but staff realized that not all supplies are readily available for the projects they dream up. This HEF grant funds six different sets of crates full of interesting gadgets to be sent home, encouraging all students to fully participate along with any siblings who care to join in. Some enthusiastic learners have already created videos of themselves with their projects, (see a video HERE) and now the excitement can grow and spread. Modeled on Tinker Crates, this highly engaging hands-on approach to learning includes class discussions after each project. Although some supplies will not be re-usable, these crates full of ideas can be re-stocked and employed for multiple years to come. Students will use toothbrush heads, batteries, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, straws and electrical tape to create robotic hands, marble runs, popsicle catapults, and balloon hovercrafts, to name just a few of the upcoming projects.

Awarded Fall 2020
Glen Lake
Submitters: Betsy Julien, Karin Brinkhoff, Paul Spreitzer, Robb Trenda

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