Earth Day Outreach

This is a grant from The Awesome Fund, dedicated solely to student clubs and organizations, and funded by a generous Hopkins alumnus, a matching donation from his employer, and the family & friends of Ethan Lang

On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, HEF’s Awesome Fund provided WJH’s Earth Club with the funds to mount a campaign of climate action and good health. Members of the club distributed stainless steel water bottles to encourage the healthy consumption of water, particularly while the school’s drinking fountains are restricted during the pandemic. Bottles are refillable at several water stations located in the building, which will reduce the pollution created by disposable plastic bottles. Those who already carry their own water bottle were offered a reusable washable mask to limit the use of the disposables handed out by staff to students who arrive to school without one. Bottles and masks will also be offered to distance learners, either when they pick up school lunch, or at some other agreed upon time.


Awarded Spring 2021
West Junior High
Submitters: Nicole Coler (Faculty Advisor), Addie Simmons (Student)

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