Eisenhower Elementary, XinXing Academy, & Juntos Grants

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The table below lists the grants that HEF has awarded to Eisenhower Elementary, XinXing Academy, and Juntos Spanish Immersion.

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HEF also provides grants that benefit all the elementary schools.  See them here.

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Title grantID Description grantYR
Eisenhower Network 19.602 Purchased a networking system for Macintosh Computer Lab. 1996-1997
Success Maker Program 19.604 Supported purchase of interactive computer program shown to significantly increase student achievement in math and reading. 1996-1997
Challenge Art Program 19.818 Supported establishment of an enriched visual arts program. 1998-1999
Challenge Art Program 19.930 Expanded the Challenge art program initially funded during the 1998-1999 school year. 1999-2000
Tools for Writing Skills 20.047 HEF awarded a grant to help Eisenhower create a specialized skill development writing program for students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as needing additional writing instruction and development. 2000-2001
Writing Curriculum Training 20.165 Granted funds to improve the writing assessment skills of teachers, and help them integrate the writing curriculum with the new reading curriculum. 2001-2002
Tools for Writing Skills 20.202 Awarded a grant for the Success Maker Enterprise program providing computerized, individual instruction in reading and math allowing each student to enter into the program at their ability level and move at their own pace. 2002-2003
Math Acceleration 20.203 Awarded a matching grant for an Accelerated Math program in Grades 2 through 6 tracking student performance and generating practice exercises based on teacher goals and student levels of ability and skill. 2002-2003
Amplification System 20.327 Awarded a grant to fund the installation of amplification systems in third grade classrooms to enhance students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise. Read more 2003-2004
Compass Program at Courage Center 20.329 Funded an enrichment activity for the Compass Program, supporting an over-night experience at Camp Courage for a group of students with special needs. 2003-2004
LeapFrog Learning systems 20.445 Supported the purchase of additional LeapFrog Learning Systems to improve reading and comprehension skills for struggling readers. Already in use in two classrooms, this highly successful tool will now be available in all classrooms Grades K-2. 2004-2005
Young Authors 20.466 Young Authors 2004-2005
Young Authors 20.569 Young Authors allows high achieving writers at Eisenhower Elementary to attend a seminar where exposure to a variety of writing, illustrating, and publishing provides inspiration for future writing. 2005-2006
Responsive Classroom 20.660 Trains teachers to use the Responsive Classroom approach which brings together social and academic learning throughout the day. The strategies used create a sense of community, promote positive relationships and teach Hopkins expectations. 2006-2007
Young Authors' Writing Enrichment 20.688 Provides 30 fifth and sixth grade Eisenhower students the opportunity to learn from professional writers at the Young Authors Conference at Bethel College. Student writers attend a keynote with a published author as well as participate in small group workshops. 2006-2007
Chinese Immersion: Staff Development for a World-class Program 20.692 To provide a solid staff development and curricular foundation for the new Chinese immersion magnet program this grant provides for external guidance on curriculum development and staff development for the first year immersion kindergarten teachers. 2006-2007
Challenge Enrichment Opportunities 20.717 This grant provides funds for students to attend the Young Authors Workshop and Student Creativity Festival. 2007-2008
Putting Responsive Classroom Strategies Into Place 20.721 Daily charts and stands build predictability and a positive starting routine for students. 2007-2008
Whisper to Learn 20.741 Whisperphones improve students' focus, reduce classroom noise, and increase phonemic awareness. 2007-2008
Color Printer / Scanner for COMPASS 20.857 Visual aids play a significant role in the COMPASS classroom. This grant funds the resources to enhance these visual aids. 2008-2009
Interactive Learning with ActiVotes 20.858 This grant funds ActiVotes for all 6th grade classrooms. 2008-2009
Kindergarten ELL Literacy Pack 20.903 Using Leapfrog Fridge Phonics magnetic sets, DVD’s, card games and writing practice workbooks, pre-kindergarten English language learners build their basic literacy skills at home with their families in order to better prepare them for kindergarten reading instruction. 2009-2010
On the Ball for Active Learning 21.002 All fourth grade students at Eisenhower can experience the benefits of active learning with stability balls. These balls help students focus on learning while also providing exercise. 2010-2011
Responsive Classroom in XinXing Academy 21.218 Chinese translation of Responsive Classroom materials. Read more 2012-2013
Tower Vegetable Garden: Indoor Harvesting and Sharing 21.509 Second graders will plant, monitor, harvest and share the bounty from this impressive tower of fauna on wheels. As the pyramid of 28 plants circulates among five classrooms, these fast-growing (4-8 weeks) fruits and vegetables will encourage experimentation with new food and discussions about healthy choices. Read more. 2015-2016
Engineering Beautiful Music 21.602 Every fifth grader, no matter their prior experience or ability, will utilize both engineering and math skills to become a builder and a musician through this residency program. Read more 2016-2017
Chinese Culture Residency 21.613 Chinese-speaking artists-in-residence will teach traditional dancing, singing, and gong fu (martial arts) to students in Kindergarten through grade four all winter, culminating in the spectacular performance of Lunar New Year on February 21, 2017. Read more 2016-2017
Ukuleles Offer New Musical Opportunities 21.714 Jonathan Feulner, music teacher at Eisenhower/XinXing Academy, is an experienced ukulele teacher and knows the allure of the small instrument. HEF is funding 30 instruments, expanding the school’s instrument library enough for 160 more students to learn chords, rhythm patterns, and the role of harmony. Read more. 2017-2018
Student Wellness = Student Success 21.799 2018 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2017-2018
Flamenco for FLES 21.908 Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre residency is coming to Eisenhower’s FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School). Grades K-4 will experience Ta Ti Ti Tran Tran Toro, the one-of-a-kind flamenco puppet theater performance geared for children. Read more. 2019-2020
Modern Band Instruments 21.915 Modern Band is a new model of music curriculum using popular music and performed with electric guitars, bass, electronic drum set, small keyboards, and a vocal PA system. The 1,200 students will benefit from HEF’s grant to purchase these new instruments. Read more 2019-2020
Feelings Check-In Boards 21.925 Each K-6 classroom will have a colorful ‘feelings check-in’ board. After some initial coaching by teachers, each morning when they arrive at school, students can identify how they are feeling by placing their own special card into an array of pockets that identify a variety of ‘feeling choices’. Again after lunch, students will have this quiet opportunity to express their emotions. Learn more. 2019-2020
Poet in Residence 21.926 Poetry is a creative way for students to express themselves. Through this poetry residency, fourth and fifth grade students will receive guidance from a published poet, and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through poetry. Learn more. 2019-2020
Project-Based Learning 21.932 Project-Based Learning is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
Calming Corners 21.938 Calming Corners is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
The Cove -- A Safe Space 22.016 This grant will transform the small, unadorned Learning Center into The Cove - an aesthetically pleasing, calm environment used throughout the day by up to 50 Eisenhower Elementary special education students with sensory processing disorders and mental health concerns. Learn more 2020-2021
Outdoor Inquiry Kits and Research Station 22.034 These 30 reusable HEF-funded tool kits will include items such as binoculars, pond nets, pocket guides, tool kits, activity guides, magnifying glasses, insect habitats and collection bags to enable students to complete investigations at a variety of research stations, changed regularly. Learn more 2020-2021
'Learner Profile' Book of the Month Club 22.102 This Book of the Month Club is for all 850 Eisenhower K-6 students on the school’s three learning pathways: Community School, XinXing Academy and Juntos Spanish Immersion. It benefits the larger goal of fostering internationally minded young people who recognize the common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, and who help to create a better and more peaceful world. Learn more 2021-2022
Building STEAM 22.119 The materials purchased with this grant provide STEAM instruction, investigations, and studies of such topics as: inclined planes and simple machines, bridges, buildings, structures, and architecture, design, cause and effect, stability, weight, systems and parts and wholes, forces, motion, gravity, balance, speed, distance, and measurement. Learn more. 2021-2022
Literacy Centers for First Grade 22.123 This grant provides Spanish literacy resources for our Juntos classrooms to strengthen our young scholars' foundational literacy skills specific to Spanish. Learn more. 2021-2022
Kinesthetic Classroom 22.141 First graders sometimes need to move their bodies while learning and some are simply more productive when they keep moving. This high-level need for movement is not ‘fixed’ by redirection or intermittent breaks for physical activity; in fact, these interventions can be interpreted by young children as negative feedback. Learn more 2021-2022


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