Energize Grants

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Following are examples of the many grants focused on energizing our community of educators and learners.

LifeLabs Kickoff Provided funding for a kickoff program for the LifeLabs project. Learn more about LifeLabs. 1996-1997 District-wide
Costa Rica Trip Partially funded the choir and orchestra music and service trip to Costa Rica. 1997-1998 HHS
LifeLabs Continuation We provided funding for the continuation of the LifeLabs program for an additional academic year. Learn more about LifeLabs. 1997-1998 District-wide
Print-Making Created print-making unit with a local Native American artist. 1998-1999 NJH
Freshwater Academy Established Freshwater Academy, a full-semester program integrating learning in environmental issues, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education. 1998-1999 HHS
Odyssey of the Mind Trip Supported Odyssey of the Mind team participation in the world championships. 1998-1999 District-wide
International Science and Engineering Fair Encouraged student participation in the International Science and Engineering Fair. 1999-2000 HHS
Thai Teacher Exchange Supported teacher exchange program between Thailand and Hopkins schools. 1999-2000 District-wide
Future Teachers Expanded 1998-1999 pilot program to teach studentsto be effective tutors and student teachers, serving all Hopkins K-12 students. 1999-2000 HHS
Drama Course Established classroom drama course. 1999-2000 HHS
Leadership Training Supported Pecos River Team Leadership training. 2000-2001 District-wide
Kids Voting HEF awarded a grant to develop a program promoting the development of active, engaged and well-informed citizens by instructing kindergarten through 12th grade students in the election process. The program culminated on Election Day with students voting along with their parents at city polling sites. 2000-2001 District-wide
New Forest A matching grant was awarded to Alice Smith students who raised $800 to plant and nurture a 1.25 acre “forest,” incorporating three biomes and three outdoor classrooms. 2000-2001 Alice Smith
Youth Frontiers Helped fund joint initiative between Hopkins Schools and Youth Frontiers focused on character development. Learn more. 2000-2001 Katherine Curren, Meadowbrook, & Tanglen Elementaries
Culture of Literacy Backed a program to create a “culture of literacy” which includes the purchase of books for every classroom, incentive programs for reading, and staff development. 2001-2002 WJH
Solar Greenhouse Project Funded the Solar Greenhouse Project, a “wet and dirty laboratory for learning biotechnology and "agriscience.” 2001-2002 NJH
Mobile Teaching Station Funded a mobile multimedia teacher's station to allow for flexibility in instruction. 2001-2002 Alice Smith
Cross-Cultural Teaching Project Piloted the cross-curricular teaching project which integrates instruction in science, social studies and English. 2001-2002 NJH
Differentiation Instruction Funded the purchase of books and materials for a teacher study group on differentiated instruction. 2001-2002 Glen Lake
Reggio Emilio Approach for Early Childhood Education A matching grant was awarded to Stepping Stones, an all day program for four-year-olds, located at Meadowbrook and Gatewood to integrate the Reggio Emilia philosophy into the curriculum. 2002-2003 Stepping Stones @ Harley Hopkins, Meadowbrook, and Gatewood
Graphic Design Software Supported the acquisition of graphic design software and peripherals for the computers in the art computer lab allowing students to use computers as an “art tool”. 2002-2003
Africa Residencey Funded a grant to provide the two-week residency, Africa to America, in each school for fourth grade students. Taught by Soli Hughes, students are actively engaged in the learning of the Afro-American experience with the goal of increasing understanding and embracing different lifestyles and traditions. 2004-2005 Alice Smith, Katherine Curren
Fuel Cell Cars Provided funding to incorporate fuel cell technology into the 9th grade physical science curriculum. By being part of an engineering team and building fuel cell model cars, students will have a real life opportunity to synthesize concepts taught throughout the year. 2004-2005 WJH
Dance Residency Awarded a grant to fund a two-week dance residency with Christopher Yeager for all elementary schools in the district. The residency will provide instruction in the elements of self-expression through dance/body movement that is inclusive of all students’ learning styles and behaviors, and connects with other curriculum areas such as history and language arts. 2004-2005 All elementary
Basic Spanish Skills for Teachers Provided funding for basic Spanish Language skills class sessions for 40 teachers to learn the Spanish vocabulary, grammar, conversation and cultural awareness they need to communicate effectively with students and their families in the school setting. 2004-2005 District-wide
Best Practices Teachers' Fair Provided funds for a “Best Practices Teacher’s Fair” where district teachers present instructional strategies to their colleagues in order to share knowledge and enhance staff development, ultimately diminishing the student achievement gap. 2005-2006 District-wide
Computer Aided Design High school engineering, woodworking, carpentry and construction students benefit from using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and an industry standard programmable router table to create three dimensional projects. This software and equipment exposes students to the engineering design process, using a model that is considered state of the art. Read more. 2005-2006 HHS
Freshman Academy The North Junior High Freshman Academy written by Becky Melville and NJH Ninth Grade Teams addresses the unique needs of the transitional freshman year. Physically located in the junior high, ninth graders are working to earn high school credit. The $20,000 grant helped to create an environment to ease this challenging transition. Read more. 2005-2006 NJH
Best Practices Teachers Fair During the 2007 Gala, attendees contributed $12,000 for staff development and the popular Best Practices Teachers’ Fair. At the Fair, District teachers present instructional strategies and best practices to their colleagues in order to share knowledge and enhance staff development. 2006-2007 District-Wide
AP Euro Project A technology grant for a laptop and projector allows AP History teacher, Carrie Lucking and her class to use pictures, video, music, and interactive online activities. They experience technology as they will when they get out in the real world. 2005-2006 HHS
Underground Railroad Simulation An equity-related student empowerment pilot focused on developing strong anti-racist student leadership for Dare to Be Real mentor leaders and for enhancing the educational experience of Advanced Placement U.S. History students at Hopkins High School. 2006-2007 HHS
Chinese Immersion: Staff Development for a World-class Program To provide a solid staff development and curricular foundation for the new Chinese immersion magnet program this grant provides for external guidance on curriculum development and staff development for the first year immersion kindergarten teachers. 2006-2007 Eisenhower and XinXing
Pre AP Vertical Teaming To increase the number and diversity of students who participate in and succeed in advanced coursework, all junior high and high schoolteachers will be equipped with the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in active high level learning. Teachers will work in subject area teams across grades 6-10 to design lessons that vertically articulate the vocabulary, critical thinking skills and the concepts necessary to enable students to build the skills and confidence required for AP coursework. 2006-2007 District-wide
ActivBoard --Interactive Whiteboards This grant expands the inventory of interactive whiteboards to all the 8th grade science classrooms at West Junior High. Read more. 2006-2007 WJH
Challenge Enrichment Opportunities This grant provides funds for students to attend the Young Authors Workshop and Student Creativity Festival. 2007-2008 Eisenhower
Diversity Resource Center Teachers now use relevant, culturally diverse materials to increase learning effectiveness. 2007-2008 Harley Hopkins
Technical Education: Web Design and Business Marketing This project creates an opportunity for Hopkins High School students to design, create, and maintain an actual web-site for a spirit wear embroidery business. In addition, students will learn how to manage all aspects of a small business. Funds raised by the business will be returned to the students through Spirit Shop grants and sponsorships. 2007-2008 HHS
Music Technology Lab This grant is part of a larger project to add a Music Technology Lab at Hopkins High School. The music technology lab builds upon the current instrumental and vocal music offerings to include skills necessary for success in today’s digital music industry. While utilizing GarageBandTM, students will create compositions, learn the art of recording, develop mix down techniques, and create end products such as original CDs and Podcasts. 2007-2008 HHS
21st Century Digital Classrooms Effective integration of technology requires well-equipped classrooms with laptop computers, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, audio enhancement systems, and more. Pilots for most of these initiatives in the Hopkins District have been funded by HEF grants. Read more. 2013-2017 District-wide
Interactive Learning with ActiVotes This grant funds ActiVotes for all 6th grade classrooms. 2008-2009 Eisenhower
Nature's Corner This is the second (and final) year of funding to build Nature's Corner digital slide show library. This library can be accessed by teachers throughout the district to aid in their classroom discussions. 2008-2009 All elementary
Learning to Focus with Biofeedback Students are more successful at learning when the mind, heart rate and emotions are in-sync. Biofeedback software teaches techniques to create a more balanced emotional state. The software will be used in the computer lab and with hand held units for classrooms to help students self regulate. 2010-2011 Gatewood
Google Apps Collaborative Hive Collaborative Google Certified training for 30 Hopkins 7-12 teachers in the engaging, exciting, and creative uses of Hopkins Apps. Read more 2012-2013 District-wide
Assistive Technology Resource Library A library of tools for our dedicated staff to help students with unique needs achieve their potential. Read more 2013-2014 District-wide
Bee Bots: Creating a Buzz with STEM Programmable Bee Bots in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Read more 2013-2014 Glen Lake
Bringing Drama to the Classroom A mobile stage to enable classroom teachers to integrate dramatic presentation into regular curriculum. Read more 2013-2014 HHS
Creativity Unbound -- MakerSpace A welcoming space for students to explore hands-on projects. Read more 2014-2015 NJH
Celebrating a Half-Century of Music in Hopkins Schools A spectacular concert by students and special alumni guests to honor retiring and past music teachers. Read more 2014-2015 Alice Smith, Gatewood
Full STEAM Ahead Bash 2015 Special Appeal, year one of a three-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded Stages Theater for K. Service projects for JH. Career lectures for HHS. Read more 2014-2015 District-wide
History Live Minnesota Historical Society experts will use 21st Century technology to ‘transport’ Hopkins students back in time, connecting them to important segments of our country’s history. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH, WJH, all 6th grades
Shifting to New Concepts in Literacy HEF is partnering with the Hopkins School District to send nine teachers to train next summer in successful research-based adolescent literacy education for junior high and high school students. These teachers will in turn train others in the District in these ‘best practices’. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH, WJH, HHS
RoboSquad – Bringing STARBASE to Elementary Fourth and fifth graders across the District are attending STARBASE Minnesota, a Department of Defense program that utilizes a mission to Mars as the vehicle to introduce practical fun applications of engineering and science principles. RoboSquad brings STARBASE back to Hopkins. This pilot program consists of building and manipulating twelve Lego programmable robots. Read more. 2015-2016 Meadowbrook
Rocket Science This grant provides re-usable launchers to get this exciting experiment off of the ground (up to 100 meters!) and delve students deep into the scientific method. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH
Full STEAM Ahead Bash 2016 Special Appeal, year two of a three-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded Stages Theater for K. Implementing a service curriculum for JH. Expanded career lectures for HHS. Read more 2015-2016 District-wide
Learning Studio Prototype HEF will help the School District kick start the creative redesign of a Gatewood classroom, turning it into an innovative learning studio; an agile and adaptable space to better engage students and offer greater opportunity for learning. Read more 2016-2017 Gatewood
Chinese Culture Residency Chinese-speaking artists-in-residence will teach traditional dancing, singing, and gong fu (martial arts) to students in Kindergarten through grade four all winter, culminating in the spectacular performance of Lunar New Year on February 21, 2017. Read more 2016-2017 XinXing
Green Card Voices Green Card Voices is a digital storytelling project to build bridges and understanding between people by sharing interesting first-hand stories and videos of family, hard work, and cultural diversity. Learn more. 2016-2017 NJH, WJH
Full STEAM Ahead Bash 2017 Special Appeal, year three of a three-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded Stages Theater for K. Supporting the grade nine Power of One service curriculum for JH. Expanded career lectures for HHS. Read more 2016-2017 District-wide
¡A Bailar! Latin Dance Club Salsa! Merengue! Cumbia! HEF will fund a residency conducted by professional Latin dancers Yeniel Chini Perez and Hanna Kuluvar Esparza. They will teach some of the most popular dances of the Spanish-speaking world in this after school club. Read more. 2017-2018 HHS, NJH, WJH
Powerful Young Women Pay It Forward This Awesome Fund grant will help expand the scope of Girls United MN, run by girls for girls, on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of women leaders. These 80 young women at Hopkins High School are promoting STEM career paths and positive body image, introducing professional women as inspiration, and discussing multiple social issues with their peers. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Love Yourself Project HEF is funding the Love Yourself project, a campaign to promote positive messages of self confidence, self esteem, and body image, with the goal of improving student wellness. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Increasing Engagement and Rigor Glen Lake staff have fully undertaken the Hopkins’ Vision 2031 mission to disrupt the current system. HEF’s grant is sending a team of six to Educator Training at The Ron Clarke Academy (RCA) – a preeminent lab school for fourth-eighth grade in Atlanta Georgia with similar demographics to Hopkins. Read more. 2019-2020 Glen Lake
Kandama Club The ancient Japanese game of Kendama builds tools for transforming failure and adversity into opportunities to learn and grow. The club is bringing in an inspirational speaker from the Kendama Institute of Minneapolis to present at a West Junior High school assembly, as well as offer twenty hours of afterschool instruction in the techniques and tricks of the game. Read more 2019-2020 WJH
Girls Taking Action A chapter of Girls Taking Action (GTA) has started at Hopkins High School with the exciting long-term goals of creating a nurturing and supportive community for our young women of color, of fostering a deeper connection between them and their school, and of empowering them to envision the many options in their future beyond high school. Learn more 2019-2020 HHS
Poet in Residence Poetry is a creative way for students to express themselves. Through this poetry residency, fourth and fifth grade students will receive guidance from a published poet, and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through poetry. Learn more. 2019-2020 Xin-Xing
Pathways to a Healthy Future Pathways to a Healthy Future Special Appeal is a comprehensive approach to active student learning. The student who is emotionally calm, well fed, engaged in and excited about learning prospers and succeeds on their own unique pathway to their full potential. Learn more 2020-2022 District-Wide
Home Studios Unlock Creativity This grant purchases home studio equipment for use in rotation by a cohort of social studies staff at NJH. Their goal is to create digital content more engaging than what can be produced on district-issued hardware, and to meet the individual needs of their students. Learn more 2020-2021 NJH
Raising Chickens This grant offers students the unique long-term opportunity to practice responsibility, math, technology, teamwork, and to earn a sense of pride. Building chicken coops, raising 20-30 chickens, learning about chickens and then teaching others, will create a feeling of community for students. Learn more 2020-2021 NJH

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