Engage Grants

engage slideFollowing are examples of the many grants focused on increasing student engagement.




LifeLabs HEF's first grant: A three-year project (1995-98) at Hopkins High School that connected students with the world of work, and then morphed into something much bigger. Read more 1995-1996 HHS
Rope Course Expanded physical education curriculum with "initiative tasks," promoting social, psychological, and personal development in addition to physical skills. 1996-1997 NJH
Teen Trek Retreat Supported keynote speaker and M.A.D.D. drama for an asset-building retreat. 1996-1997 NJH and WJH
Climbing Wall Supported construction of a climbing wall at West Junior High 1997-1998 WJH
Water Monitoring Purchased waders for biology students to participate in Minnehaha Creek water-monitoring project. 1997-1998 HHS
Future Teachers Created pilot project to teach students to be effective tutors and student teachers, serving all Hopkins K-12 students. 1998-1999 HHS
Big Willow Wildflowers Supported restoration of native wildflowers in Big Willow Park. 1998-1999 Gatewood
Outdoor Classroom Created a living outdoor classroom and amphitheater. 1998-1999 Tanglen
Challenge Art Program Expanded the Challenge art program initially funded during the 1998-1999 school year. 1999-2000 Eisenhower
Junior High Retreat Funded asset-building, courage, and respect retreat for all junior high students as part of a joint project with Youth Frontiers. Learn more. 1999-2000 NJH and WJH
Reading Resource Lab Creating computer program and trained reading teachers to track reading progress of each student. 1999-2000 Alice Smith
Junior High Retreat Funded asset-building, courage, and respect retreat for all junior high students as part of a joint project with Youth Frontiers. Learn more. 2000-2001 NJH and WJH
Get Connected Program Expanded the “Get Connected” computer program which provides computers and mentors to families unable to afford them. 2001-2002 WJH
Online Learning Program Provided funds to allow students to access coursework online. 2001-2002 District-wide
Homeroom Advisory Program Piloted the homeroom advisory program which provides a longer homeroom experience including curriculum. 2001-2002 NJH
Read Naturally Provided funds for software for the reading support program Read Naturally, which improves reading fluency and comprehension. 2002-2003 Katherine Curren
Leadership Skills rovided ongoing support for NJH’s advisory program, designed to build relationships, both between students and between student and teacher, and to provide a communication forum for topics that don’t fit easily into standard courses. 2002-2003 NJH
Hands On, Heart Engaged Awarded a grant to the WJH Area Learning Center for their Learning With Hands On and Hearts Engaged project allowing new experiences and community service for students who achieve best when learning is tied directly to real life. 2002-2003 WJH
Computer Building Supported the purchase of computer components for the Technology class to build and sell two home computers allowing this educational opportunity to become self-sustaining. 2002-2003 HHS
Infrared Amplification System Funds were awarded to pilot the use of infrared classroom amplification equipment in both a 1st and 2nd grade classroom to determine if this equipment will enhance student learning. Read more 2002-2003 Tanglen
Writers in Residence Provided a matching grant for a Writers in Residence program providing students in Grades 2 through 6 with an in-depth experience with a professional writer or poet. 2002-2003 Glen Lake Elementary
Educational Advocacy Training Provided support for a program designed to promote academic success beyond high school for students of color by encouraging educational advocacy by and for the students and their parents. 2003-2004 HHS
Infrared Classroom Amplification A $60,000 award for Infrared Classroom Amplification systems for 34 K-3 classrooms. Building on the success of pilot programs at Tanglen, Katherine Curren and Eisenhower, these systems have enhanced students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise and providing an advantage for students with attention and learning needs. Read more. 2004-2005 All elementary
Peer Insights Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2004-2005 HHS
Challenge Activity Sets for ALM Challenge activity sets enrich the curriculum for Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) classes for gifted and talented students. 2005-2006 NJH
Elementary Amplification Following three years of pilot support for improving sound environments in elementary classrooms, the Hopkins Education Foundation awarded its largest grant in history to complete amplification in all Kindergarten-6th grade classrooms in the district. This $130,000 grant will have students hearing more clearly in an additional 79 classrooms. Read more 2005-2006 All elementary
LEGO Educational Materials LEGO Educational Materials allows students at Meadowbrook Elementary to apply science, technology, engineering and math concepts through hands-on activities with levers, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles; motorized simple machines; and renewable energy. 2005-2006 Meadowbrook
Peer Insights Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2005-2006 HHS
Responsive Classroom Trains teachers to use the Responsive Classroom approach which brings together social and academic learning throughout the day. The strategies used create a sense of community, promote positive relationships and teach Hopkins expectations. 2006-2007 Eisenhower Elementary
Boys and Writing Gatewood Elementary received a grant from the Hopkins Education Foundation to focus on strategies for increasing writing motivation and achievement for boys. Read more. 2006-2007 Gatewood
Guidance Counselor Resource Grant With this grant, Hopkins High School was able to add a fifth guidance counselor, reducing the student-counselor ratio to 420 to 1 from a previous 525 to 1. Read more. 2006-2007 HHS
Peer Insights Helps students with and without disabilities to learn about one another, how to function in the community, how to interact with one another and how to make friends. The students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2006-2007 HHS
ELMO Digital Cameras Students and teachers' discussions are enriched with ELMO digital cameras that project books, papers, original documents and other items onto classroom screens. 2007-2008 Gatewood
Whisper to Learn Whisperphones improve students' focus, reduce classroom noise, and increase phonemic awareness. 2007-2008 Eisenhower
ELMO Digital Cameras and Activotes Personal Response System This grant funds 1) three ELMOTM digital cameras to be used with the carts in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade and 2) two sets of ActivotesTM, integrated personal response systems used with interactive whiteboards. They are designed to encourage student participation and enhance learning. 2007-2008 Alice Smith
Classroom Stability Balls Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encouraging better focus on instruction. 2007-2008 Gatewood
AVID Middle School Curriculum AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and strives to improve the performance of all junior high kids in the academic middle. The AVID program includes both an elective course and a building–wide approach with the goal of improving students’ academic skills, their ability to “do school” and become college-ready. 2007-2008 HHS, NJH, WJH
DVD Resources for Parent Education These informational DVD's for parent education classes provide a cost-efficient way to increase parent education and involvement. 2007-2008 District-wide and Community Ed
Resident Video Curriculum Development Specialist This technology pilot project at WJH increases curricular engagement with students through the medium of video. The Resident Video Specialist will work with classroom teachers to illustrate classroom topics through the use of video, many times featuring Hopkins students. Through writing and participating in the videos, students will have the opportunity to become teachers of their peers. 2007-2008 WJH
Classroom Stability Balls Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encouraging better focus on instruction. 2007-2008 Tanglen
TI-Navigator System The TI-NavigatorTM system provides a wireless communication between the student’s calculator and the teacher’s computer. Students work results can be displayed anonymously and simultaneously on one screen to view. This system improves the quantity and quality of responses, classroom interaction and time on task. 2007-2008 NJH
Personal Math Manipulatives Much of a children's math sense is developed through play. This grant provides diecuts of math manipulatives so that hands-on math play can occur in classrooms and continue at home. 2008-2009 Meadowbrook
WEB: Where Everyone Belongs This grant funds a year-long orientation and transition program which links 7th grade students with 9th grade student mentors. 2008-2009 NJH
LCD Projectors and Document Cameras Document cameras are part of the 21st century classroom initiative. They engage students with active learning and cut down on prep time for teachers. 2008-2009 Tanglen
Wellness Goals Lab This pilot program explores the benefits of exercise before tackling rigorous academic subjects. Students will exercise aerobically for 25-30 minutes prior to focused academic work. Teachers monitor homework completion and accuracy, attendance and behavior incidences before and after initiation of the program for each student. 2009-2010 WJH
District Preschool Pilot Project Early intervention has been proven to help children overcome achievement gaps that are evident in young learners. HEF funded a portion of the start up costs for a pilot project that helps these preschoolers get “ready to learn” at Alice Smith. 2009-2010 Alice Smith
Stand Up for Learning Stand-Up desks allow students an ergonomically sound way to stand up, sit down, stretch, fidget and even move about - all while staying alert and focused on classroom instruction. 2009-2010 Meadowbrook
On the Ball for Active Learning All fourth grade students at Eisenhower can experience the benefits of active learning with stability balls. These balls help students focus on learning while also providing exercise. 2010-2011 Eisenhower
Peaceful Playgrounds Based on a well-researched program implemented in schools nation-wide, the Peaceful Playground helps kids with varied interests and abilities play together. Activity areas with up to 100 games motivate children to play cooperatively, learn to handle conflict, and increase physical activity. Read more 2010-2011 Alice Smith
Buzz for Learning Electronic buzzer systems encourage quick answers and a fun way to learn. Buzzers are used for academic teams to practice for competitions and are available to high school classroom teachers for games to help students review for tests. 2010-2011 HHS
Mathematics Lab: Real-World Applications Interactive labs will increase academic performance because students can apply concepts from each unit to real world mathematical situations. Using TI-Nspire CX math technology, the program provides concrete applications so students understand how the study of math is relevant to their life beyond school. 2010-2011 HHS
Unleashing the Power of iPad From pilots beginning in 2010 to Special Appeals at Royal Bash 2011 and 2012, HEF has funded over $60,000 in iPads and related software. Our support has enabled the Hopkins School District to develop a plan to use the technology more strategically and effectively. Read more 2010-2012 NJH, WJH
Touch the Future of Learning -- iPads Royal Bash 2011 Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded a large iPad pilot for incoming seventh graders. Read more 2010-2011 District-wide
Making College a Reality for English Language Learners This innovative parent involvement program works with families of English Language Learners to explain the college process and help families better prepare their students. Read more 2011-2012 HHS, NJH
Where Everyone Belongs A year-long orientation and transition program at West Jr. High that links 7th grade students with 9th grade students who are trained as mentors.Read more 2011-2012 WJH
Improving Student Achievement Through STEM This grant funds “Explore Lab” project-based learning kits to be used throughout Glen Lake for engineering experiences. Read more 2011-2012 Glen Lake
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching Professional life coaches will provide one on one coaching for students and workshops for teachers, staff, and parents. Read more 2011-2012 HHS, NJH, West Junior
Unleash the Power of iPads Royal Bash 2012 Special Appeal, year two of this initiative. This Special Appeal focused on the software and infrastructure necessary for a full deployment of iPads to all incoming 7th graders. Read more 2011-2012 District-wide
Technology Links to Language Learners iPads to accelerate English language learning. Read more 2012-2013 Tanglen
Let's Talk! and Job Talk! Curricula to teach critical work- and life-related skills to students with special needs. Read more 2012-2013 HHS, NJH, WJH
Green Gatehouse Structural Plan HHS Earth Club designs 'green' parking attendant structure. Read more 2013-2014 HHS
Re-Imagined Learning Space Pilot redesign of Alice Smith 5th grade classroom to maximize the learning space and fully engage students. Read more 2014-2015 Alice Smith
Minecraft After-School Club In this fun extra-curricular enrichment program, junior high students play MinecraftEdu, a school-ready remix of the popular game Minecraft. They’ll learn programming and coding, planning, asset management and critical thinking skills. Students will be able to use what they learn in Minecraft Club for projects in nearly any subject area.  Read more 2015-2016 NJH,WJH
Digital Video Studio Royal Roundup, NJH’s weekly video show presented to the entire student body, will get a big facelift. This grant enables North’s student Genius Team to take the lead in designing and remodeling the current outdated video studio. New equipment will be used for the Roundup, and will also be available to all students to create, edit, and share video productions with a school-wide audience. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH
Kiva Microfinance: Making a Difference in the Third World Students, collaborating in groups of three, will get the opportunity to invest in someone’s future. After first heavily researching entrepreneurs in developing Third World countries, each group will choose a small business to receive a $25 loan. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH, WJH
‘Get Set for School’ ECSE Curriculum The Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) team at Harley Hopkins is currently successfully piloting the Get Set for School preschool curriculum. This HEF grant expands Get Set to six sets of materials to enable widespread use among all ECSE classrooms.Read more. 2015-2016 Harley Hopkins
Community Vegetable Garden & Outdoor Classroom Partnering with Glen Lake’s community, the school’s new living laboratory will focus on science, agriculture, and cooperation. Each grade level will plant six plots and use the garden in a different way. Read more.  2015-2016 Glen Lake
High-Altitude Weather Balloon Fun, hands-on science takes flight with this helium-powered weather balloon. Seventh and eighth grade students in the Experimental Science elective will track the balloon’s fact-finding mission with a Go-Pro camera they install before launch. Read more. 2015-2016 NJH,WJH
RoboSquad – Bringing STARBASE to Elementary Fourth and fifth graders across the District are attending STARBASE Minnesota, a Department of Defense program that utilizes a mission to Mars as the vehicle to introduce practical fun applications of engineering and science principles. RoboSquad brings STARBASE back to Hopkins. This pilot program consists of building and manipulating twelve Lego programmable robots. Read more. 2015-2016 Meadowbrook
3-D Learning Through Virtual Reality HEF is funding this curricular enrichment to give students the deeper learning and understanding made possible by an immersive 360-degree experience.Read more. 2015-2016 Glen Lake
A capella Enhanced with Technology This grant funds equipment to enhance the overall quality of Hopkins’ renowned vocal music program. Read more. 2015-2016 HHS
Engineering Beautiful Music Every fifth grader, no matter their prior experience or ability, will utilize both engineering and math skills to become a builder and a musician through this residency program. Read more 2016-2017 Eisenhower, XinXing
Kiva U Club: Investing in the World -- Awesome Fund Grant The new student-led Kiva U Club's goal is to involve more students at HHS, fundraise, and to loan at least $50 in each of the 27 countries represented by HHS students. Read more 2016-2017 HHS
3-D Inspiration: MakerBot Science and Math curricula for all Tanglen students will now contain Design and Build elements, courtesy of this new MakerBot 3-D Printer. Read more 2016-2017 Tanglen
Robotics Building Leadership Principal Mark French has found a unique way to encourage leadership, responsibility, and conflict resolution by engaging his students’ interest in robots. Read more 2016-2017 Gatewood
Mindsets for Parents This grant, in conjunction with a donation from Flipgrid, will produce a series of short videos in multiple languages, all designed to share information and build relationships with parents who do not have the flexibility to attend school functions and interact with staff. Read more 2016-2017 Tanglen
Bakken Museum STEM Residency Through a partnership with the Bakken Museum, third graders will design solutions to engineering problems using inquiry, creation, planning, collaboration, and good old-fashioned trial and error. Read more 2016-2017 Meadowbrook
Brain Training to Instill Grit ‘Thinking outside the box’ begins with students’ determination to solve problems and the confidence in their ability to persevere. Brain puzzles are an interactive way for students to practice grit and creativity – strengths that 21st Century learners need in addition to academics. Read more 2016-2017 Tanglen
Heart Zones Fitness The use of Blink Armband heart rate monitors for second through sixth graders will help make the physical education curriculum more fun and meaningful, and eventually eliminate the need for traditional testing such as counting push-ups and sit-ups. Read more 2016-2017 Gatewood
Latino Youth Group An after-school program for Latino youth will be offered next winter and spring to foster leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills in a comfortable peer group setting. Read more. 2016-2017 Community Ed
Sixth Grade Mosaic Much more than a fun art project, the Mosaic Mural at Alice Smith will represent each of the 90 sixth graders’ diverse cultures, talents and dreams. The mural is a lesson in empowerment, teamwork and community building, with students taking the lead in planning and managing the project. Learn more. 2016-2017 Alice Smith
Air-Propelled Racing Car Tanglen 6th grade teacher Keenan Jones has issued a challenge to his students: who can design, engineer, and build the fastest air-propelled car by race day deadline? This project will involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) as well as language arts and reading curricula. Read more. 2017-2018 Tanglen
Lego Wall Small groups of students will use buckets of Lego bricks for purposeful mathematical challenges, for designing and building, for marble runs, for artistic creations, and for engaging before and after school fun. Read more. 2017-2018 Glen Lake
Mobile Makerspaces Two Mobile Makerspace carts at Gatewood have the potential to reach every student as they provide both high-tech and low-tech experiences ranging from robotics and coding to sewing, cardboard challenges, and recycled projects. Read more. 2017-2018 Gatewood
Outdoor Playscapes and Environmental Learning HEF will fund expansion of Gatewood’s enriching outdoor classroom space specifically for its youngest Pre-Kindergarten students, based on definitive research defining the importance of purposeful outdoor learning. Students will practice gross motor skills on a log balance beam and curved wooden balance boards and create wonderful loud music with outdoor xylophones and drums. Read more. 2017-2018 Gatewood Stepping Stones and Ready 4 K
Project-Based Learning for Students with Unique Learning Needs This HEF grant will purchase reusable hand tools such as hammers and screw drivers, hand drills, squares, tape measures and paint brushes, along with supplies of screws, nails and wood to actively engage Transition Plus students in hands-on development of practical skills. Read more. 2017-2018 Transition Plus
Ukuleles Offer New Musical Opportunities Jonathan Feulner, music teacher at Eisenhower/XinXing Academy, is an experienced ukulele teacher and knows the allure of the small instrument. HEF is funding 30 instruments, expanding the school’s instrument library enough for 160 more students to learn chords, rhythm patterns, and the role of harmony. Read more. 2017-2018 Eisenhower, XinXing
Take Charge of How You Feel In alignment with HEF’s focus on Student Health=Student Wellness, this start-up grant provides ALL Hopkins Junior High 8th grade students – more than 500 per year – with the self-regulating tools they would typically only be exposed to through mental health professionals or sports psychologists. Read more 2017-2018 NJH, WJH
Celebrating Indigenous Stories in our Community HEF’s grant will assist the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee to host the inaugural ‘Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Fair’ on May 19, 2018. The Fair is focused on the native cultures represented by Hopkins students. Read more. 2017-2018 District-Wide
Game On! Social Learning Through Board Games Modeled after the popular Chess Club, the Board Game Club will provide fun, challenging student interaction - no electronics allowed! This HEF grant will stock the club with a wide variety of games, including something sure to interest any student. Read more. 2017-2018 Glen Lake Elementary
Creating Beautiful Music ... Videos -- Awesome Fund Grant Royal Records is a safe, supportive after-school club where North Junior High students collaborate to write and produce original music, mix tracks, film and edit videos, and generally have fun. Read more 2017-2018 NJH
A Force to Be Reckoned with -- Awesome Fund Grant With HEF’s Awesome Fund grant, The Technocrats will build a West Coast Drivetrain, enabling their robot to be light and agile, more reliable, and reduce the overall number of needed parts. Read more 2017-2018 HHS
Student Wellness = Student Success 2018 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2017-2019 District-wide
Urban Boatbuilding In our land of 10,000 lakes, crafting birchbark canoes is the perfect medium for Alice Smith 5th and 6th graders to practice teamwork and problem-solving through the hands-on building process. Guided by renowned non-profit Urban Boatbuilders of St. Paul in a ‘lab’ setting, students will gain much more than the satisfaction of creating and launching a water-tight craft. Read more. 2018-2019 Alice Smith
Sensory Path - Much More Than a Yellow Brick Road Sensory motor breaks are an effective tool to promote learning, and an instructional tool for ALL about the importance of sensory regulation. The path will provide these breaks through a wide range of fun activities, requiring students to use their senses and focus their energy. Read more 2018-2019 Tanglen
Growing Healthy Food and Life-Long Skills With this grant, Transition Plus (T-Plus) students are expanding their repertoire of marketable skills to include design/build hydroponic grow systems. HEF will fund the tools and materials to seed this new endeavor of the Project Based Learning Class, part of the T-Plus curriculum. Read more. 2018-2019 Transition Plus
Bicycle Repair Program There’s a special pride earned in repairing something discarded and deemed trash-worthy. This grant provides (Setting IV) special education students with the tools and equipment to set up a ‘bike shop’ (at the Hopkins Pavilion Alternative Setting) to do just that. Read more 2018-2019 WJH
Creating a Speech Team A group of five students is intent to restore Hopkins’ Speech Team after a lapse of inaction. The club’s goal is to increase public speaking opportunities and ability for any interested student, and also foster interest in writing. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Student Art 'Zine This seed money will help print the first edition of ‘Reflections’, the re-booted annual art magazine, last offered in 2016-17. An editorial team of 5-10 students is eager to offer a voice and showcase for their peers’ creativity while learning the process of publishing a magazine. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Inspirational Canvas Paintings The 80 members of Girls United MN, an established club at HHS, are embarking on a rigorous public relations campaign. They will create and post empowering positive quotes, pictures and affirmations in Hopkins High School girls’ bathrooms. Learn more 2018-2019 HHS
Edible Education: Kitchen a la Cart This portable kitchen will expand the opportunities for fun, experiential learning, including what constitutes healthy food and good nutrition, math and organization skills, as well as following directions (and the sometimes-foul consequences of NOT following them). Kitchen a la Cart will be housed at Eisenhower Community Center and can be pushed right into the classroom. Read more. 2018-2019 Community Education
Everyone Making Music Togethter Xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels – these instruments are perfectly tailored to engage budding musicians, specifically in grades K-2, and are completely adjustable for each student. This grant doubles Meadowbrook’s inventory to allow every student in class to play at once rather than in shifts Read more. 2018-2019 Meadowbrook
Experiential Learning This pilot at North Junior High invests in a new model for special education students, typically a group who learns best through active learning. Monthly outings will offer experiences outside the normal classroom and give the community a chance to get to know them.Read more. 2019-2020 NJH
Lab Packs: Rethinking Homework As an innovative pilot alternative to traditional homework, Meadowbrook third graders will take home weekly tote bags filled with fun, interesting experiences for students to explore. These "home connection literacy packs" will expand students’ range of experiences and broaden background knowledge around a variety of topics, cultures, and points of view, including the fine arts, STEM and more. Read more. 2019-2020 Meadowbrook
Flamenco for FLES Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre residency is coming to Eisenhower’s FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School). Grades K-4 will experience Ta Ti Ti Tran Tran Toro, the one-of-a-kind flamenco puppet theater performance geared for children. Read more. 2019-2020 Eisenhower
Glen Lake Go! Place-based learning and out of school experiences are part of a vigorous re-imagining of the best way to educate our children. Glen Lake’s first and second grade teams will pilot this lab prototype of frequent educational ‘field trips’ into the real world. Read more. 2019-2020 Glen Lake
Modern Band Instruments Modern Band is a new model of music curriculum using popular music and performed with electric guitars, bass, electronic drum set, small keyboards, and a vocal PA system. The 1,200 students will benefit from HEF’s grant to purchase these new instruments. Read more 2019-2020 Gatewood, Eisenhower, XinXing
Green Halls The 40+ students of Green Halls are on a mission to create a welcoming and connected environment by integrating plants throughout the halls of Hopkins High School. Read more 2019-2020 HHS
Feelings Check-In Boards Each K-6 classroom will have a colorful ‘feelings check-in’ board. After some initial coaching by teachers, each morning when they arrive at school, students can identify how they are feeling by placing their own special card into an array of pockets that identify a variety of ‘feeling choices’. Again after lunch, students will have this quiet opportunity to express their emotions. Learn more. 2019-2020 Xin-Xing,Eisenhower
Preschool Social Emotional Curriculum Second Step Early Learning Kits will create a consistent framework across Hopkins Public Schools. The implementation of these kits will help build a strong foundation in social emotional development for the approximately 500 children enrolled in all Hopkins Preschool Programs within the six elementary schools as well as The Harley Hopkins Family Center. Learn more 2019-2020 All Preschools
Mobile Sensory Kits Mobile Sensory Kits are loaner kits full of easily-sanitized sensory processing equipment for preschoolers in the environment of COVID-19. Much more than toys, these weighted blankets, fidget tools, noise cancelling headphones (as a few examples) are designed to be soothing and/or stimulating for Hopkins youngest learners. Learn more. 2020-2021 Early Childhood Special Education
Distance Learning Kits Distance learning is especially hard on young children with disabilities who require structured, concrete, hands on, functional play-driven and interactive experiences. Families are unable to duplicate the opportunities available in the classroom, so this grant funds the creation of ‘leaning binders’ – 3-ring binders chock full of tools and supplies, along with instructions for many, many engaging games and activities. Learn more 2020-2021 Harley Hopkins

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