Engineering Beautiful Music

dulcimer grants fall 2016XinXing IKE engineering music dulcimer grants fall 2016Every fifth grader, no matter their prior experience or ability, will utilize both engineering and math skills to become a builder and a musician through this residency program. All will enjoy the challenge and thrill of constructing their own take-home, single-stringed dulcimer. As they learn to play together – laying the dulcimer flat on their lap – every student will become part of the band. Research clearly shows the positive link between arts and academic intelligence, and its potential to shrink the achievement gap. This project enhances the current fifth grade STEM curriculum by providing students practice in design-build, while opening up the musical world through this unconventional instrument.


Awarded Fall 2016
Eisenhower Elementary and XinXing Academy
Submitters: Kathy Bouten, Emily York, Jon Feulner

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