Fab Lab

Fab Lab grant presentation photo‘Fab’ is Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s shorthand for ‘fabrication’ but it‘s also short for ‘fabulous.’ NJH’s Fab Lab will become a flexible Design-Test-Build space with central lab stations and movable tables. The space allows for experimentation and collaboration, and will be more project-focused than teacher-focused.

Students will complete a design cycle from start to finish, building confidence along with knowledge. Students’ iPads connect to the lab stations for use in both group and individual work, which the instructor will monitor. The Fab Lab will optimize space and time, allowing for deeper learning and the ability to cover more curricula. Universities, graduate schools and research companies use this cutting edge model to foster ideas and innovation. The Fab Lab will be used all day, every day. All NJH students will have access in their required science classes; project-based special education; electives such as robotics, forensics, engineering, anatomy & physiology, technology education; and after-school science and technology clubs.

Awarded Spring 2015
North Junior High
Submitter: Timothy Nefzger

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