Fall Grants 2020

Undaunted by the current pandemic and the shift to distance learning, Hopkins staff and students continue to innovate and generate BIG ideas. HEF is committed to doing our part, demonstrating adaptability and flexibility in our grants process. To be as responsive as possible, we’ve awarded each of the grants below shortly after our grants committee received all the necessary documentation. We’re proud to stand with the District as we all do our best to support students and staff during this COVID-19 crisis.

Albert.io grants fall 2020Albert.Io — $1,433 — Hopkins High School — Erik Swenson

This user-friendly platform for AP History has received a big thumbs up from HHS students and staff in the past, and the ability for HEF to pic$$k up the funding this year has been crucial for distance learners. Learn more

ACT Prep Class fall grants 2020ACT Prep Class — $2,340 — Hopkins High School Jeff Matchette

How to Take the ACT offers equitable access to 11th grade scholars who traditionally do not have the means to take a class like this, and helps to level the playing field with their peers. As these students are already in distance learning, access to the online class will be free; this grant pays for the tutor’s time to work with, guide and support the students. Learn more.

Becoming Antiracist Grants Fall 2020Becoming Anti-Racist and Authentically Inclusive in Early Childhood — $3,800 — Harley Hopkins Family Center — Jackie Hunke

Early childhood is a critical age group in which to begin the work of anti-racism. This project begins with toys and books that illustrate multiple cultures and includes materials to help staff guide difficult and open conversations between themselves, and among parents. Learn More.

Beyond Aristotle and Dante fall grantsBeyond Aristotle and Dante — $1,500 — North Junior High — Kimberly Busch

This grant provides a selection of LGBTQ novels for students to choose from for the upcoming unit on Relationships, as well as a basis for the Socratic Seminars based in Social Emotional Learning and empathy. Books will be shared/traded with WJH, and virtual book clubs are being considered across the two junior high buildings. Learn more.

Bigs Tutoring Awesome Fund Grant 2020

Bigs Tutoring — Awesome Fund — $1,000 — Hopkins High School — Emma Rock (student), Rick Rexroth (faculty advisor)

HEF’s Awesome Fund for student clubs has awarded $1,000 to Bigs Tutoring, an inspiring group of Hopkins High School upperclassmen and alumni providing tutoring via video. This grant is the equivalent of 67 hours of tutoring, which will allow Bigs to offer free and reduced-price services to any student who needs it while proving a stipend to tutors. Learn more.

The Cove -- A safe space fall grants 2020The Cove — A Safe Space — $577.25 — Eisenhower Special Ed — Malea Becker

This grant will transform the small, unadorned Learning Center into The Cove – an aesthetically pleasing, calm environment used throughout the day by up to 50 Eisenhower Elementary special education students with sensory processing disorders and mental health concerns. Learn more.

COVID-Safe Equipment grants fall 2020

COVID-Safe Equipment for Sensory Motor Room — $805 — Gatewood Elementary — Alyssa Winterfeldt

This grant purchases sensory motor pieces of equipment that will be easy to clean frequently, and will greatly benefit Links to Learning students. Learn more

Harley Hopkins Distance Learning Kits grants fall 2020Distance Learning Kits — $2,000 — Harley Hopkins Special Education — Lori Lilly

Distance learning is especially hard on young children with disabilities who require structured, concrete, hands on, functional play-driven and interactive experiences. Families are unable to duplicate the opportunities available in the classroom, so this grant funds the creation of ‘leaning binders’ – 3-ring binders chock full of tools and supplies, along with instructions for many, many engaging games and activities. Learn more.

Distance Music Microphones fall grants 2020Distance Music Microphones — $1,400 — All Elementary Schools — Jonathan Feulner

This grant purchases an external microphone and stand for each elementary school music teacher, greatly improving the quality of their lessons and level of student engagement. The equipment will increase audio quality of both voice and instruments, eliminate stray background sound that interferes with lessons, and better model the true sound staff is trying to teach. Learn more.

Fall Grants 2019 Thanks (1)DIY STEM Tinker Kits — $2,000 — Glen Lake — Betsy Julien, Karin Brinkhoff, Paul Spreitzer, Robb Trenda

This HEF grant funds six different sets of crates full of interesting gadgets to be sent home, encouraging all students to fully participate along with any siblings who care to join in. Some enthusiastic learners have already created videos of themselves with their projects, and now the excitement can grow and spread. Learn more.

Fine Motor Kits grants fall 2020

Fine Motor Kits for Distance Littles — Tanglen – $697.88 — Liz Patrick

Development of fine motor skills and muscle memory is essential to successful writing, cutting, gluing, and many other tasks. This grant funds 22 Fine Motor Kits to be sent home with students, along with engaging, instructive lessons and games. Learn more

Gizmos and Reflex Hopkins Read-Aloud grants fall 2020Gizmos and Reflex Subscriptions — $1,610 — Gatewood Elementary — Lisa Schmid

Counterintuitively perhaps, these online programs offer a solution to the problem of too much online learning. Reflex(Math) and Gizmos (Science) are fun and engaging interactive programs that promote rapid understanding and send boredom to the back of the class. Learn more.

Grade 5 Virtual Literacy fall grants 2020

Grade 5 Virtual Literacy —  $1,500 — All elementary — Kim Rossow

Currently, fifth graders are acquiring 60-100% of their learning virtually. This grant funds subscriptions to a slate of digital literacy resources to enhance and engage their endeavors during this very unusual year of COVID-19. Learn more

Great Hopkins Read-Aloud grants fall 2020A Great Hopkins Read-Aloud — $1,200 — All Elementary Schools — Tracey Beaverson

This grant helps to bring all Hopkins scholars together through a shared reading experience. Different books will be chosen for different grade levels and purchased with HEF funds. Learn more.

Home Studio for Digital Content Creation grants fall 2020

Home Studios Unlock Creativity — $1,200 — North Junior High — Nick Lovas

This grant purchases home studio equipment for use in rotation by a cohort of social studies staff at NJH. Their goal is to create digital content more engaging than what can be produced on district-issued hardware, and to meet the individual needs of their students. Learn more

Literacy in the Music Room — $1,000 — Tanglen — Angel Clark

This classroom library in the music room at Tanglen will feature multicultural songs, stories, poetry, biographies of musicians and composers, and activities for exploring sound and movement. These resources will be used for lessons for all Tanglen students – and for many years to come – to broaden the scope of music education beyond a European-centered cannon. Learn more

Micro Home Libraries grants fall 2020

Micro Home Libraries — $3,000 —  North Junior High — Laura Jensen

This grant puts two books by BIPOC authors (black, indigenous, people of color) into each of the hands of Reading Acceleration students whose home libraries are small to nonexistent. The pandemic makes this endeavor all the more important and timely, as these students are experiencing school in isolation at home. Learn more.

Spec. Ed Mobile Sensory Kits grants fall 20201

Mobile Sensory Kits — $4,700 — Early Childhood Special Education — Michelle Kloke, Lyndsay Hetzel, Jessica Lindberg

Mobile Sensory Kits are loaner kits full of easily-sanitized sensory processing equipment for preschoolers in the environment of COVID-19. Much more than toys, these weighted blankets, fidget tools, noise cancelling headphones (as a few examples) are designed to be soothing and/or stimulating for Hopkins youngest learners. Learn more.

Reading Groups Together at Home fall grants 2020Reading Groups, Together At Home — Tanglen — $999 — Liz Patrick

For the 66 Tanglen second graders enrolled in the Distance Learning Academy, the typical access to multiple books is not available. This grant provides multiple copies of 35 titles, both fiction and non fiction selections, with a diversity of main characters. Students will engage in small reading groups tailored to their needs, along with their teacher, via Googlemeets while staying safe at home. Learn more.

 Video Game Club Grants Fall 2020Video Game Club — Awesome Fund — $1079.70 — West Junior High Special Ed — Vijay Clarkson (student), Tim Williams (faculty advisor)

This community of gamers previously operated with consoles brought to school by staff members, but all of the back and forth took its toll on the equipment. This Awesome Fund grant will purchase consoles and controllers for the sole and permanent use of the club, which will also allow more students to participate. Learn more.

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