Family Connection Nights

ECSE Family Connection grants spring 2019Busy parents often discover their social lives develop around their children; but what if your young child has special needs and must attend specific small classes or receives at-home intervention? Your social circle becomes noticeably smaller and isolating and you do not get to enjoy the benefits of camaraderie. Family Connection Nights, hosted by Harley Hopkins Family Center, aim to connect these parents and caregivers in meaningful ways –  in a comfortable environment of support and connection with those who can truly understand and share their daily worries and triumphs. HEF’s grant provides translators to these evening events, in order to eliminate further barriers to these positive connections of support among these special families.



Awarded Spring 2019
Harley Hopkins Early Childhood Special Education
Submitters: Jackie Hunke, Lyndsay Hetzel, Joanne Search Johnson

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