Feelings Check-In Boards

Feeling Check-In Board 3 spring 2020Each K-6 classroom will have a colorful ‘feelings check-in’ board. After some initial coaching by teachers, each morning when they arrive at school, students can identify how they are feeling by placing their own special card into an array of pockets that identify a variety of ‘feeling choices’. Again after lunch, students will have this quiet opportunity to express their emotions. Examples of their choices (depending on the grade level) may be: “I am great/okay/mad/sad” or “I’m having a good day/have a small problem/have a big problem.” An option to check in with someone will always be offered.

Feeling Check-In Board grants spring 2020

Virtual award ceremony (COVID-19 quarantine)

Over time, the Feeling Check-In Boards will help students identify how they feel, embed social emotional learning into their daily routine, support empathy for others, and encourage them to ask for assistance when needed. Feeling Check-in Boards will also offer teachers a proactive approach to supporting their students’ needs. The quick assessment of the pulse of their class can help signal when large scale social emotional regulation is needed, when to reach out to the school counselor/social worker, or when to request support for restorative conversations.



Awarded Spring 2020
Eisenhower/XinXing Academy
Submitters: Amanda Windyk

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