Festive Attire

Royal Bash ‘Festive Attire’ defined…

Think fun, Think dancing, Think color!

First, relax! Remember this is a party to celebrate our children and our schools, not a fashion show! You’ll be among friends and friendly people.

If you’re still staring into the abyss of your closet wondering what to wear to the Royal Bash, the following simple guidelines will help you gear up for the best winter party you’ve ever attended.

Whoa! Have you noticed the temperature in February? It’s a tad chilly out there. Layers are good and wool is always fashionable. Prefer boots to dainty sling-backs? Absolutely fine – you’ll want to save your arches for dancing the night away, anyway.

‘Festive Attire’ is whatever makes you feel like a million bucks, not the outfit you have to constantly fuss with. YOUR definition may include a vibrantly colored dress, or a blouse or sweater with awesome black pants or jeans. For someone else, it may be their Little-Black-Dress blinged-out with sparkly jewelry. All of these are great choices.

Clearly, the above suggestions are directed to the ladies. But what defines ‘Festive Attire’ for the gentlemen? Just one rule: you have permission to leave the suit at the office – it’s Saturday night! How about a blazer or nice sweater? A button-down shirt paired with a tweed jacket? Ties are definitely optional, but again, it’s all a question of what makes YOU feel festive.

This is a party, people! Don’t spend too much time digging in that closet; just get ready to have some fun.

See you at the Bash!

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