Flex It Like 7th Grade Band

This grant provides a one-time sweeping renovation of the band library, making a sizable impact on both junior high band programs. These 21 exciting pieces of music will be used for many years to come and meet the specific needs of 21st century music learners in the band classroom, from instrumental instruction to IB learner profile requirements. These new titles purposefully elevate previously historically underrepresented composers and contemporary composers that are using the band literature medium to talk about themes of race, gender, identity, social justice and mental health through instrumental music.

The ‘Flex-Band’ concept allows for a wide variety of instruments, at a wide variety of levels, to play the same piece of music in flexible smaller groupings. Flexible band literature can allow for the many beginners to make progress with their peers, achieve success, become more confident, and stick with band. Musicians will be able to use Flex Fridays, flexible learning spaces, and flexible groupings to develop independence.

These new pieces will energize the 180 students in four classes of 7th grade band at both junior highs, and also allow for 8-12th grade beginning band students to join their peers. A potential mentorship program that pairs HHS band students with junior high band students is planned for the future.

Awarded Fall 2021
North Junior High, West Junior High
Submitters: Nora Tycast, Kelli Heckman

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