Football Equipment Grant – $5,000

In an effort to strengthen our Hopkins football program, Head Coach Trevor Tolly’s desire to develop Hopkins football players and the program to be able to compete at the highest level of football in the state. In order to do so Tolly identified that proper equipment was imperative and the Football Equipment Grant primarily focuses on the purchase of a fundamental piece of equipment known as a sled. Funding the purchase of a sled for team practices will assist the Hopkins football program to jump-start rebuilding efforts and grow overall team enthusiasm and strength while developing football fundamentals. The equipment purchased with this grant will benefit all levels of our Hopkins football program, including 7th grade through varsity players. 

Considering the long range goal of this grant, the coaching team hopes to make Hopkins football players better athletes and better competitors who are more able to compete with the other 6A schools in our league. “Our football players still need to learn a lot about the actual game of football and positional techniques,” explained Tolly. This grant will allow more effective overall teaching of these fundamental components of the game with the aid of better equipment.



Awarded Fall 2022
Hopkins High School, West Junior High, North Junior High, 7th – 12th Graders
Submitter: Hopkins Football Program Head Coach Trevor Tolly

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