Full STEAM Ahead: Royal Bash 2016 Special Appeal

STEAM is Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.

Full STEAM Ahead is a bold initiative to bring impactful, purposeful STEAM enrichment experiences to all Hopkins students within a three year arc. Year 1 is underway now; we want to fund Year 2. With HEF help, our schools can creatively tap into some amazing resources beyond our District. Each of these experiences will expand and energize the curriculum, as we meet head-on the responsibility to raise global citizens.

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Kindergarten pictureAll Kindergartens and Beyond: Learning Through the Arts

Full STEAM Ahead funds the continuation of an extremely successful partnership with Stages Theatre Company’s visiting artists. Working with our kindergarten teachers, the visiting artists teach math, literacy, collaboration, respect and self-control through acting skills and storytelling. First and second grade teachers are continuing the same techniques to keep students focused, engaged and excited to learn.


Junior High kids pictureNorth and West Junior Highs: Reach Beyond the Self

“Reach Beyond the Self” focuses on interpersonal communication, cooperation, and the importance of real-world connections that cannot be taught entirely in the classroom but are critical for success in a global community. These ‘soft skills’ are an important component of our International Baccalaureate® (IB) program.

During year 1, a HEF-funded Teen Outreach Project consultant worked with 7th grade students and staff at both junior highs to develop and implement service learning that engaged and energized the students. Read about the first Community Action Days at North Junior High and West Junior High that took place in November 2015.


Year 2 will focus on developing and implementing a service learning curriculum for 8th graders. The culmination of this three-year arc is the Power of One project in grade 9.

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Hopkins High School: Explore the Future

The growing BOOST TASC program at Hopkins High School provides the opportunity for students who are caught up in the regular work to extend their learning. Much like a university’s visiting lecture series, BOOST TASC brings in speakers representing a variety of professions to engage students.

Since its inception in 2014, BOOST TASC has provided a variety of opportunities for exploration with speakers, including

  • MN Secretary of State Steve Simon
  • Emergency Physician Dr. Stephen Dunlop
  • KSTP News Reporter/Anchor Brandi Powell
  • Olympic Gold Medalist (Hockey) Karen Bye Dietz
  • MN Congressman Erik Paulsen
  • Founder of game On Nation Steve Shenbaum
  • Jazz musicians Tony Baluff and Charlie Devore

Going forward, Full STEAM Ahead will provide funds for an even broader scope of speakers and potential partnering with Community Education to make these speakers available to the broader community.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our tax id is 41-1808042.