Garden Growers for Food Equity

Fall Grants 2019 Garden Growers for Equity

GRANT UPDATE  January 2022:

Legend has it that the Phoenix rises from the ashes, but the Bearded Dragon certainly has transformational powers, as well. Just ask Tom Kvale’s Transition Plus students about Jerry, their new ‘Lizard of Love’.
Garden Growers for Food Equity was partially implemented before COVID interfered. With grant funds still available, the students have pivoted to a new long-term hands-on project of caring for Jerry the Bearded Dragon. Kvale reports that students’ excitement began as they researched the care and keeping of a class pet, and it has continued to increase their engagement in class, and social interaction with one another.


At the heart of this grant is a new partnership between West Junior High and Transition Plus. The two- and-a-half dozen older students from T-Plus will work with about 50 students with unique needs from WJH. The whole group will cooperatively design, build and grow gardens at both locations, fostering hands-on learning to enhance the curriculum and producing healthy food. A Master Gardener from SLP Seeds will consult to design the gardens and hydroponic systems, and to offer support as this classroom lab project gets underway. Students will practice simple cooking and food prep, utilizing the Kitchen a la Cart (HEF grant to Hopkins Community Education, Spring 2019), as they practice social emotional, communication, and collaboration skills.


Awarded Fall 2019
Transition Plus and West Junior High
Submitters: Tom Kvale, Danielle Huttner, Rebecca Lewis

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