Giant Maps : Sitting on Top of the World

Short of viewing Earth from space, National Geographic’s Giant Maps are the most exciting way for students to explore their world in realistic scale to develop a global understanding of its size and scope. This HEF grant will purchase two permanent vinyl maps: a 20’ x 26’ North American map, and a 17’ x 21’ Minnesota map.

As the maps travel from school to school, elementary students will be able to walk on and ‘sit in’ these maps as they immerse in physical and human geography, algebra, geometry, climate, and more.

This hands-on opportunity is an innovative way to engage students with a multitude of learning styles and to expand spatial thinking. Limitless lesson plans are available from National Geographic, and this grant includes a half-day of teacher training from Jessica Winkelaar, formerly of the MN Alliance for Geographic Education and currently a professor at UW, River Falls. A year ago, a Giant MN Map was on a short loan to Glen Lake and Gatewood, and was a big success. These permanent additions to the Hopkins social studies curriculum will enhance and excite student learning – over multiple grade levels – for years to come.

Awarded Spring 2018
District-Wide K to 6
Submitter: Allegra Smisek

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