Glen Lake Go!

Fall Grants 2019 Glen Lake GoPlace-based learning and out of school experiences are part of a vigorous re-imagining of the best way to educate our children. Glen Lake’s first and second grade teams will pilot this lab prototype of frequent educational ‘field trips’ into the real world. Over the next few years they intend to add more grades; eventually all students will participate. These trips will create cross-curricular learning experiences in direct alignment with academic standards, but also in an authentic learning environment that meets students’ emotional and social needs. Students will see that education goes beyond school walls and is relevant to their real-world experiences. They will also learn that their voice and curiosity matter when they are offered a choice of adventures, and then share what they learn through blogging, video creation, or presentation. These out-of-school experiences can also break down barriers between a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds – offering engaging authentic experiences to ALL students.

Awarded Fall 2019
Glen Lake Elementary
Submitters: Jeff Radel, Anne Kuffel, Cindy Anderson

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