Glowing Creativity With Glowforge

Glowforge is a powerful laser cutter and engraver that cuts materials such as cardboard, wood, leather, cloth – even chocolate! – and engraves on glass or wood, putting endless creativity into the hands of everyday users. NJH Media Center is excited to offer this tool to all students as an enhancement to the MakerSpace previously funded by HEF*. With Glowforge, students will learn the CAD design process and how to use and reuse materials to create art and functional products. Both the process and the tool have the potential to lead to STEM careers and to spark interest in design and manufacturing. Glowforge supports the Junior High IB Design Curriculum; its possibilities are limited only by imagination. This tool is being used across the country by teachers and students to transform handwriting, art, and computer-generated designs into 3D story books, forensic science dioramas, model-scale architectural plans, and even custom musical instruments. Beyond the HEF-funded start-up costs, student creations can be sourced from simple mediums such as recycled cardboard, making this a sound long-term investment.

*MakerSpace and a 3-D Printer (which builds objects from plastic), were initially funded at NJH by HEF in 2014/15, and have been robustly embraced by students ever since. Glowforge will be an exciting addition.

Awarded Spring 2021
North Junior High
Jen Legatt

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