Grant Preserves Primary Art Specialist Program

Art specialistStudies show that students with education in the arts do better in all other aspects of education, are more likely to participate in student leadership, and are more likely to score higher on their SAT’s.

A strong art background is one of the hallmarks of an education in the Hopkins school district. In fact the U of M and Minneapolis College of Art and Design actively recruit from only two high schools in the nation—Perpich Arts High School and Hopkins High School.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Hopkins Education Foundation, the Primary Art Specialist, which was nearly eliminated during 2005-2006 budget cuts, continued for another year. The HEF grant allows the continuation of the award-winning art program.

The elementary arts program is vital to children. It is one of the few venues that gives children a voice to express themselves.  — Hopkins elementary school teacher

Approximately 2,000 students are directly affected by this grant, and over time nearly 6,000 Hopkins
students will benefit. The Primary Art Specialist is a critical part of the curriculum. Very few of the elementary teachers have the artistic skill and training to effectively teach the curriculum. The primary Art Specialist also provides gifted and talented children with an art mentor throughout their elementary experience.

Awarded March 2007, All elementary schools, Submitter: Sandy Merry


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