Grant Summary 1999-2000

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 1999-2000 school year:

Anti-Violence Curriculum

Funded CLIMB Theater anti-violence programming. ($725)

Awarded September 1999, Alice Smith Elementary

Ceramic Mural

Funded creating a ceramic mural at HHS. ($500)

Awarded May 2000, Hopkins High School

Challenge Art Program

Expanded the Challenge art program initially funded during the 1998-1999 school year. ($5,000)

Awarded September 1999, Eisenhower Elementary

Drama Course

Established classroom drama course. ($8,000)

Awarded November 1999, Hopkins High School

Future Teachers

Expanded 1998-1999 pilot program to teach students to be effective tutors and student teachers, serving all Hopkins K-12 students.  ($10,000)

Awarded November 1999, Hopkins High School

Glen Lake Writers’ Consortium

Created a Writers’ Consortium for all 4th and 5th graders to introduce them to the varied writing opportunities. ($5,000)

Awarded July 1999, Glen Lake Elementary

International Science and Engineering Fair

Encouraged student participation in the International Science and Engineering Fair. ($6,600)

Awarded July 1999, Hopkins High School

International Understanding Through the Arts

Due to the tremendous increase in immigrant families – both refugees and hightech/ professional families new to the area – Gatewood School is facing significant language and cultural issues. At the same time this ethnic diversity provides a tremendous teaching opportunity for all students. HEF awarded a grant to develop a program designed to incorporate international artifacts into teaching resources and to create a welcoming atmosphere through display of these artifacts.  ($5,000)

Awarded May 2000, Gatewood Elementary

Japanese Resource Kit

Purchased resource kit for study of Japanese culture. ($750)

Awarded July 1999, Gateway Elementary

Junior High Retreat

Funded asset-building, courage, and respect retreat for all junior high students as part of the joint project with Youth Frontiers.  Learn more.  ($10,000)

Awarded November 1999, North Junior High and West Junior High

Leveraging the World-Wide Web

Updated and enhanced the HHS Web page.  ($2,000)

Awarded November 1999, Hopkins High School

Reading Resource Lab

Created computer program and trained reading teachers to track reading progress of each student.  ($5,000)

Awarded January 2000, Alice Smith Elementary

Respect and Reflect

As a response to Katherine Curren students with behavioral problems, HEF awarded a grant to provide
a separate environment for disruptive students to work one-on-one with a trained professional who can help them develop problem-solving techniques. The program is coordinated and staffed by the school counselor and a paraprofessional. The Respect and Reflect Program focuses on actively teaching students appropriate behavioral responses. The intent is to help students get back on track with their learning after a disruptive incident and return to the classroom as quickly as possible. ($5,000)

Awarded June 2000, Katherine Curren Elementary

Thai Teacher Exchange

Supported teacher exchange program between Thailand and Hopkins schools. ($1,000)

Awarded September 1999, District-wide

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