Grant Summary 2000-2001

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2000-2001 school year:

Community Computer Program

In an effort to offer all students equal educational opportunities both in the classroom and at home, HEF awarded a grant for a pilot community computer program. The program provides 30 computers for at home use to families unable to afford them, allowing students to complete research projects, papers and homework during non-school hours. The selected families have the option to purchase the computers at a reduced price when they leave West Junior High. ($10,000)

Awarded October 2000, West Junior High

 Family  Center

Assisted with the purchase of new gym equipment and enhancement of outdoor play equipment to accommodate the growing and diverse needs of the children served. ($5,000)

Awarded August 2000, Harley Hopkins

Junior High Retreat

Funded asset-building, courage, and respect retreat for all junior high students as part of a joint project with Youth Frontiers.  Learn more.  ($10,000)

Awarded February 2001, North Junior High and West Junior High

Kids Voting

HEF awarded a grant to develop a program promoting the development of active, engaged and well-informed citizens by instructing kindergarten through 12th grade students in the election process. The program culminated on Election Day with students voting along with their parents at city polling sites. ($3,000)

Awarded August 2000, District-wide

Leadership Retreat

Supported Pecos River Team Leadership training.  ($2,000)

Awarded August 2000, District-wide


Funded assistant naturalist for student field trips.  ($500)

Awarded October 2000, All elementary schools

New Forest

A matching grant was awarded to Alice Smith students who raised $800 to plant and nurture a 1.25 acre “forest,” incorporating three biomes and three outdoor classrooms. In addition, the project will provide a natural windbreak and barrier between the school and high-way as well as provide the only wooded play area in downtown Hopkins. The project allows students to learn about Minnesota
natural history, and ties into existing science programs. ($800)

Awarded October 2000, Alice Smith Elementary

Orientation for English Language Learners

Funded video to provide orientation for English Language Learners and their families. ($5,000)

Awarded December 2000, Gatewood Elementary

Teaching Responsibiity

In an effort to develop and enhance student responsibility in the learning process, HEF awarded a grant for a residency by CLIMB Theater. The resulting program involves each student in a variety of activities that encourages responsibility in an interactive, participatory and engaging manner. The goal is to instill in each learner a passion for learning and a commitment to reach one’s potential throughout life. ($3,550)

Awarded December 2000, Glen Lake Elementary

Tools for Writing Skills

HEF awarded a grant to help Eisenhower create a specialized skill development writing program for students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as needing additional writing instruction and development. ($4,500)

Awarded December 2000, Eisenhower Elementary

Youth Frontiers

Helped fund joint initiative between Hopkins Schools and Youth Frontiers focused on character development.  Learn more.  ($9,000)

Awarded December 2000, Katherine Curren, Meadowbrook, and Tanglen Elementary Schools

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