Grant Summary 2001-2002

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2001-2002 school year:

Area Learning Center Enrichment

Purchased graphing calculators and high interest reading kits for the Area Learning Center.

Awarded October 2001, North Junior High

Assurance of Mastery Support

Supported bus transportation for students participating in the Assurance of Mastery (AOM) program at Gatewood Elementary. Supported the Assurance of Mastery program in math at Tanglen Elementary, including purchasing materials and providing staff time to help students with math.

Awarded April 2002, Gatewood and Tanglen Elementary Schools

Basic Skills for Special Needs

Funded basic skills test materials for special services students.

Awarded May 2002, Hopkins High School

Booster Program

HEF awarded a grant for a four day “Booster Camp” experience for children entering the first grade who need additional reading instruction.

Awarded August 2001, Meadowbrook Elementary

Cross-Curricular Teaching Project

Piloted the cross-curricular teaching project which integrates instruction in science, social studies and English.

Awarded April 2002, North Junior High

Culture of Literacy

Backed a program to create a “culture of literacy” which includes the purchase of books for every classroom, incentive programs for reading, and staff development.

Awarded September 2001, West Junior High

Dance Class Equipment

Purchased materials needed to implement two new dance courses to address diverse interests and fulfill graduation standards.

Awarded February 2002, Hopkins High School

English Language Learning Boost

Created a pilot program to provide additional basic reading instruction for English Language Learners.

Awarded April 2002, Meadowbrook Elementary

Get Connected Program

Expanded the “Get Connected” computer program which provides computers and mentors to families unable to afford them.

Awarded September 2001, West Junior High

Guided Reading

Funded a guided reading program providing 1,200 books for students ranging from pre-readers to fluent readers in three grades.

Awarded April 2002, Katherine Curren Elementary

Homeroom Advisory Program

Piloted the homeroom advisory program which provides a longer homeroom experience including curriculum.

Awarded May 2002, North Junior High

KHOP Upgrade

Upgraded KHOP to High-Definition Television technology.

Awarded April 2002, Hopkins High School

Kids Voting

HEF awarded a grant to continue the program promoting the development of active, engaged and well-informed citizens by instructing kindergarten through 12th grade students in the election process. The program culminated on Election Day with students voting along with their parents at city polling sites.

Awarded October 2001, District-wide

Math Enrichment

Provided funds for staff to enrich fifth grade math and writing skills.

Awarded October 2001, Katherine Curren Elementary

Mobile Elementary Computer Lab

Helped fund the purchase of a wireless mobile computer lab allowing the use of computers for smaller groups of students.

Awarded May 2002, Gatewood and Glen Lake Elementary Schools

Mobile iBook Computer Lab

Due to the increasing demand for computer lab time and the desire to maintain school-wide availability of the four existing computer labs, HEF awarded a grant to develop a mobile mini-lab of wireless network-access laptop computers. The minilab can be wheeled into and set up in any classroom and impacts courses in science and mathematics that have become particularly computer-intensive. Also benefiting from the program are low-enrollment classes such as ESL, special education, basic skills classes and advanced languages who have previously been discouraged from scheduling permanent time in the existing computer labs.

Awarded September 2001, District-wide

Mobile Teaching Station

Funded a mobile multimedia teacher’s station to allow for flexibility in instruction.

Awarded April 2002, Alice Smith Elementary

Multimedia Projector

Purchased a multimedia projector to allow teachers to demonstrate technology to an entire class.

Awarded April 2002, Gatewood Elementary

Online Learning Program

Provided funds to allow students to access coursework online.

Awarded December 2001, District-wide

Respect and Tolerance Residency

Provided funds for CLIMB Theater to spend a two-week residency on respect and tolerance.

Awarded October 2001, Alice Smith Elementary

Responsive Classroom

Supported staff development on the Responsive Classroom which helps to create communities where children feel understood, safe, valued and respected.

Awarded August 2001, Katherine Curren Elementary

Scientific Concept Textbooks

HEF awarded a grant to purchase appropriate text materials on scientific concepts. Students matched these concepts to science fiction stories, and then wrote original science fiction stories based on the concepts. All ALC students and all science classes have access to the text materials.

Awarded August 2001, North Junior High

SET Libraries for Literacy

Provided books for the SET libraries to insure motivation and success for all students.

Awarded February 2002, West Junior High

Small Business Model

Provided seed money for the HAP “Alternative Sense” business venture, their model small business.

Awarded February 2002, Hopkins High School

Solar Greenhouse Project

Funded the Solar Greenhouse Project, a “wet and dirty laboratory for learning biotechnology  and “agriscience.”

Awarded October 2001, North Junior High

Special Needs Sexuality Consultant

Provided a human sexuality consultant for students with special needs.

Awarded April 2002, Hopkins High School

Student Council Cultural Diversity

Supported the Student Council Cultural Activities Committee’s events to broaden awareness of cultural diversity.

Awarded February 2002, North Junior High

Super Mileage Vehicle Project

Supported the building of the Super Mileage Vehicle to be entered in competition.

Awarded February 2002, Hopkins High School

Tailored, Personalized Instruction

Funded the purchase of books and materials for a teacher study group on differentiated instruction.

Awarded May 2002, Glen Lake Elementary

Theater Project

Provided funds for materials needed by the Hopkins Alternative Program (HAP) to produce a play at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

Awarded February 2002, Hopkins High School

Westside Apartments Education Center

Supported the Westside Apartments Education Center, which provides tutors and wireless laptops for students.

Awarded October 2001, North Junior High

Writing Curriculum Training

Granted funds to improve the writing assessment skills of teachers, and help them integrate the writing curriculum with the new reading curriculum.

Awarded October 2001, Eisenhower Elementary

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