Grant Summary 2003-2004

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2003-2004 school year:

Amplification Systems

Awarded grants to fund the installation of amplification systems in third grade classrooms to enhance students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise. Read more.

Awarded October 2003, Eisenhower and Katherine Curren Elementary Schools

Compass Program at Camp Courage

Funded an enrichment activity for the Compass Program, supporting an over-night experience at Camp Courage for a group of students with special needs.

Awarded October 2003, Eisenhower Elementary

Educational Advocacy Training

Provided support for a program designed to promote academic success beyond high school for students of color by encouraging educational advocacy by and for the students and their parents.

Awarded April 2004, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Dan Sterud

Elementary Learning Centers

Awarded funding for the development of Learning Centers at all elementary schools in the district. This sizable grant of $45,000 will fund specialized instruction for students requiring basic skills instruction. The Learning Centers will provide direct instruction in reading, writing and/or math. Improving the skills of targeted students outside of regular school hours will help all students by providing the classroom teachers with more time and greater opportunity for differentiated instruction for all learners.

Awarded May 2004, All Elementary Schools, Submitter: Sid Vos

High School Book Clubs

Provided funding for Men’s and Women’s Book RAP groups, designed to encourage literacy and create a social setting outside of school to promote reading for enjoyment.

Awarded April 2004, Hopkins High School

Nutrition and Obesity

Awarded funds for a health and nutrition program designed to educate students about the positive benefits of appropriate food choices and a physically active lifestyle in order to address the growing problem of obesity.

Awarded October 2003, Hopkins High School,  Submitter: Bonnie Johnson

Peace Project

Provided funds for Project Peace, designed to foster peaceful attitudes for the students. The project includes the rebuilding and rededication of the Peace Garden and anti-bullying book discussion groups for students, staff and parents.

Awarded May 2004, Gatewood Elementary, Submitter: Donna Montgomery

Peer Insights Mentoring

Provided funding for programs to complement the Peer Insights class in the FACs department. Outside activities supported by this grant will help build bridges between students with and without disabilities, allowing both groups to learn from each other.

Awarded May 2004, Hopkins High School

Project Empowerment

Awarded a grant to support Project Empowerment, consisting of artistic walls at the building’s entrance including a variety of student designed and created art. The project is rich in symbolism and reflective
of the diversity of people who enter.

Awarded October 2003, Tanglen Elementary

Reading Fluency

Supported a grant to address reading fluency among 5th and 6th grade students with small-group, concentrated reading study and continued intervention in order to develop fluent, independent readers.

Awarded October 2003, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Kurt Nordness

STAR Fund — HHS Writing Class

Awarded $30,000 to restore sections of a writing class, preventing the number of students in those classes from rising to 28 from the current 16-20 students. This allows teachers to give individual, immediate feedback leading to improved writing skills.

Awarded May 2004, Hopkins High School

STAR Fund — Junior High Core Classes

Awarded $48,000 for the schools to restore five sections in core classes like English, Math, Science and Social Studies. This helps to decrease class size allowing instructors to sustain a higher level of teacher to student/family contact and services.

Awarded May 2004, North and West Junior Highs

STAR Fund — LRT Support in Elementary Schools

Awarded $115,000 buying back over 4,900 hours of LRT (Learning Resource Teacher) support. This is equivalent to restoring one hour per day to a grade level across all elementary schools.

Awarded May 2004, All elementary schools

West Junior High Book Club

Granted funds to continue a book club designed to encourage a love of literature among all students.

Awarded October 2003, West Junior High

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