Grant Summary 2004-2005

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2004-2005 school year:

Africa Residency

Funded a grant to provide the two-week residency, Africa to America, in each school for fourth grade students. Taught by Soli Hughes, students are actively engaged in the learning of the Afro-American experience with the goal of increasing understanding and embracing different lifestyles and traditions.

Awarded December 2004, Alice Smith and Katherine  Curren Elementaries

Area Learning Centers

A $45,000 award provided certified instructors to work with individual or small groups of elementary students who need assistance with basic skills in core subjects. This tutoring takes place outside the normal school day allowing teachers time to provide for the learning needs of all students, including middle and upper achievement level students.

Awarded January 2005, All elementary schools, Submitter: Sid Vos

Basic Spanish Skills for Teachers

Provided funding for basic Spanish Language skills class sessions for 40 teachers to learn the Spanish vocabulary, grammar, conversation and cultural awareness they need to communicate effectively with students and their families in the school setting.

Awarded April 2005, District-wide

CADCAM Engraver

Provided funding for the purchase of a laser engraver allowing students to produce a high-quality product while developing basic skills in 3D modeling, pattern making, prototyping and engraving.

Awarded February 2005, North Junior High

Dance Residency

Awarded a grant to fund a two-week dance residency with Christopher Yeager for all elementary schools in the district. The residency will provide instruction in the elements of self-expression through dance/body movement that is inclusive of all students’ learning styles and behaviors, and connects with other curriculum areas such as history and language arts.

Awarded February 2005, All elementary schools

Differentiated Reading Materials

Funded a grant for the purchase of updated, differentiated reading materials for fifth grade students in order to provide books at an appropriate level to better prepare them for fluency/comprehension ability testing.

Awarded October 2004, Alice Smith Elementary

Early Language Intervention

Awarded a grant to purchase materials necessary for a family-focused early language intervention training program for parents and care givers of young children with speech/ language impairments.

Awarded October 2004, Harley Hopkins

Ethnic Books Challenge

Awarded a grant for the purchase of books for the Minority Challenge group in order to inspire success in high school.

Awarded October 2004, North Junior High

Fuel Cell Cars

Provided funding to incorporate fuel cell technology into the 9th grade physical science curriculum. By being part of an engineering team and building fuel cell model cars, students will have a real life opportunity to synthesize concepts taught throughout the year.

Awarded December 2004, West Junior High

Infrared Classroom Amplification

A $60,000 award for Infrared Classroom Amplification systems for 34 K-3 classrooms. Building on the success of pilot programs at Tanglen, Katherine Curren and Eisenhower, these systems have enhanced students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise and providing an advantage for students with attention and learning needs. Read more.

Awarded January 2005, All elementary schools, Submitter: Diane Arenson

LeapFrog Learning Systems

Supported the purchase of additional LeapFrog Learning Systems to improve reading and comprehension skills for struggling readers. Already in use in two classrooms, this highly successful tool will now be available in all classrooms Grades K-2.

Awarded October 2004, Eisenhower Elementary

Leapfrog Literacy Centers

A $40,000 award for Leapfrog Literacy Centers used by kindergartners and first graders to reinforce letter recognition, rhyming words, sounds, word recognition and fluency. HEF funded a pilot of this program at Eisenhower, which received enthusiastic reviews and prompted the request to take the program district-wide.

Awarded January 2005, All elementary schools, Submitter: Bonnie Hild

Links to Learning Theatre

Provided funding for the Links to Learning Theatre class, which allows students with special needs the opportunity to experience producing and presenting a play while working on their transition skills with the guidance of mainstream peer coaches.

Awarded February 2005, Hopkins High School

Multi-level Reading Kits

Awarded a grant to fund multi-level reading kits for fourth grade students that allows for each student to progress according to their own abilities and take responsibility for their own learning.

Awarded October 2004, Tanglen Elementary

Multimedia Cart for Current Events

Supported the purchase of a multimedia cart for AP Government and US History courses in order to seamlessly integrate current events into the classroom, accommodate students’ learning styles and expand the classroom beyond the school day through technology.

Awarded October 2004, Hopkins High School

Off-Campus Pavilion Library

Awarded a grant to build a small library for use by at-risk students where they will learn to access resources, actively read and discuss books with a significant adult, and appreciate reading as an active, shared experience.

Awarded Fall 2004, Hopkins High School

Peer Insights

Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence.

Awarded April 2005, Hopkins High School, Submitters: Sandy Salita, Patty Ormson

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