Grant Summary 2005-2006

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2005-2006 school year:

AP Euro Projector

A technology grant for a laptop and projector  allows AP History teacher, Carrie Lucking and her class to
use pictures, video, music, and interactive online activities. They experience technology as they
will when they get out in the real world.

Awarded October 2005, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Carrie Lucking

Best Practices Teachers’ Fair

Provided funds for a “Best Practices Teacher’s Fair” where district teachers present instructional strategies to their colleagues in order to share knowledge and enhance staff development, ultimately diminishing the student achievement gap.

Awarded October 2005, District-wide, Submitters: Debbie Ondov and John Schulz

Challenge Activity Sets for ALM

Challenge activity sets enrich the curriculum for Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) classes for gifted and talented students.

Awarded October 2005, North Junior High, Submitter: Marcia Danahy

Computer Aided Design

High school engineering, woodworking, carpentry and construction students benefit from using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and an industry standard programmable router table to create three dimensional projects. This software and equipment exposes students to the engineering design process, using a model that is considered state of the art. Read more.

Awarded January 2006, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Dan Roden

Culture of Literacy

This grant stocks classrooms with mini-libraries specific to the subject the teacher is teaching.

Awarded April 2006, West Junior High, Submitter: Julie Walthour

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras enable students to demonstrate the concepts they are learning in language arts, math, science, and other classes. By integrating digital photography into the lessons, more learning styles are addressed. Students and teachers alike gain experience with digital technology.

Awarded March 2006, Tanglen Elementary, Submitter: Randy Klauk

Drop Everything and Read

Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) provides grade appropriate mini classroom libraries and common novels for “North Reads” to strengthen reading comprehension of all North Junior High students, regardless of the level of reader.

Awarded October 2005, North Junior High, Submitter: Pat Schmidt

Elementary Amplification

Following three years of pilot support for improving sound environments in elementary classrooms, the Hopkins Education Foundation awarded its largest grant in history to complete amplification in all Kindergarten-6th grade classrooms in the district. This $130,000 grant will have students hearing more clearly in an additional 79 classrooms. The original pilot program and district-wide implementation has been coordinated by Diane Arenson. Read more.

Awarded January 2006, All elementary schools, Submitter: Diane Arenson

Enhanced Library

This grant updates the library collection at Katherine Curren Elementary in order to better match students’ interest and reading level.

Awarded October 2005, Katherine Curren Elementary, Submitter: Angie Endo

Freshman Academy

The North Junior High Freshman Academy written by Becky Melville and NJH Ninth Grade Teams addresses the unique needs of the transitional freshman year. Physically located in the junior high, ninth graders are working to earn high school credit. The $20,000 grant helped to create an environment to ease this challenging transition. Read more.

Awarded January 2006, North Junior High, Submitter: Becky Melville

Good Books

This grant provides a collection of “Good Books” that appeal to reluctant readers and encourage recreational reading.

Awarded April 2006, West Junior High, Submitter: Robin Price

JumpStart for College

First-generation college students will have an opportunity to get a JumpStart for College through a summer 2007 workshop. Students will be exposed to post-secondary options and learn about the college search and application process.

Awarded April 2006, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Jean Davidson

Language Masters

Language Masters helps students who are nonverbal or minimally verbal expand their vocabulary by seeing, hearing, and saying words. Non-readers build intonation, pronunciation, and articulation skills by using the reading cards.

Awarded Spring 2006, Harley Hopkins, Submitter: Kathy Patton

LEGO Educational Materials

LEGO Educational Materials allows students at Meadowbrook Elementary to apply science, technology, engineering and math concepts through hands-on activities with levers, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles; motorized simple machines; and renewable energy.

Awarded January 2006, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitters: Kathleen Roller, Jan Gauger

Matching Books to Readers

Matching Books to Readers expands the library collection to better meet the needs of beginning and early readers. Glen Lake Elementary will add books that are categorized by content and level of difficulty. This enhances independent reading by matching student reading level to book difficulty.

Awarded October 2005, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Glen Lake Staff

Peer Insights

Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence.

Awarded April 2006, Hopkins High School, Submitters: Sandy Salita, Patty Ormson

Pre AP Social Studies

Social studies interactive curriculum challenges and prepares gifted learners at North Junior High for high school Advanced Placement classes.

Awarded October 2005, North Junior High, Submitters: Marcia Danahy and Sarah Sampson

Reading Comprehension Materials

This grant provides Reading Comprehension Materials for students who need assistance in understanding and retaining what they are reading.

Awarded April 2006, West Junior High, Submitters: Andrea Palosaari, Kathy Mattsson

Teaching Gifted Students

The Teaching Gifted Students grant provides teachers at North Junior High with resources on gifted education and a staff in-service class.

Awarded October 2005, North Junior High, Submitter: Marcia Danahy

West Writers’ Workshop

The West Writer’s Workshop offers an after school activity for West Junior High students interested in multiple styles of writing and gives students an opportunity to gain measurable progress in their writing abilities.

Awarded October 2005, West Junior High, Submitters: Gail Weinhold, Andrew Rummel

Young Authors

Young Authors allows high achieving writers at Eisenhower Elementary to attend a seminar where exposure to a variety of writing, illustrating, and publishing provides inspiration for future writing.

Awarded October 2005, Eisenhower Elementary, Submitter: Nancy Glades

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