Grant Summary 2008-2009

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2008-2009 school year:

6 to 12 and Beyond: Navigating Transitions

Graduation planning Dist270 08-95Transitions between elementary, junior high, high school and post-secondary education are now easier to navigate. This grant builds on the 2007-08 grant, Expanding Pathways, and helps develop personalized graduation plans to provide the foundation for transition planning. This grant enables counselors at the junior and senior high schools to work with staff members to embed this planning into appropriate curriculum areas. Read more.


Awarded February 2009, District-wide, Submitter: Diane Schmilpfenig


ADHD lab WJH 08-93The junior high years pose new challenges for students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and their parents. This grant helps fund an ADHD Lab, where students will learn new strategies that provide the structure in which they can begin to experience academic success, many for the first time, and be better prepared for high school and beyond. In addition, parents have opportunities to attend classes to gain a greater understanding of their child’s disorder, provide support for the organizational strategies learned and assist their child in developing self-advocacy skills.


Awarded February 2009, West Junior High, Submitter: Terry Wolfson

Building Self-Awareness Through Technology Integration

This grant helps fund a sensory tools and software library for students’ independent use. While this program will primarily be used with special education students, it will also be used as an intervention tool for other students.

Awarded November 2008, Alice Smith, Submitter: Cole Ruschoff

Calculator Library for Students

This grant funds 25 HP graphing calculators for students to checkout at the Media Center.

Awarded November 2008, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Brent Hering

Children’s Literature to Support “Steps to Respect” Curriculum

This grant funds children’s literature to use along with the Steps to Respect & Second Steps Violence and Bullying Prevention Curriculum, a program HEF funded last year.

Awarded November 2008, Tanglen Elementary, Submitter: Dani Hovanetz

Classroom Stability Balls

This grant funds stability balls for one classroom. Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encourage better focus on instruction.

Awarded November 2008, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Mindy Erdal

Color Printer / Scanner for COMPASS

Visual aids play a significant role in the COMPASS classroom. This grant funds the resources to enhance these visual aids.

Awarded November 2008, Eisenhower Elementary, Submitter: Erikka Schimelpfenig

COMPASS Cooking Class

This grant funds cooking supplies for the COMPASS special education cooking class.

Awarded November 2008, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Mary Slobig

Digital Voice Recorders

This pilot program enables teachers at Alice Smith and Glen Lake Elementary schools to more accurately identify needs in the evaluation process and give more specific feedback and therapy for speech and language students.

Awarded April 2009, Alice Smith and Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Sara Turman

English Language Learners: Family Advisory Committee

This pilot program helps create a more equitable home/school partnership by building relationships with ELL families and fostering increased communication with the families and our community.

Awarded April 2009, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Alex Fisher

Exceptional Learning Booster Club

This grant helps fund an activity club to support and ensure continuance of small extra-curricular interest communities for gifted learners.

Awarded November 2008, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Sara Garcia

Four-Level Analysis: A Grammar Instruction Pilot

This grant funds a document camera that is fundamental to this grammar instruction pilot program. It allows students to showcase their work for class discussion.

Awarded April 2009, North Junior High, Submitter: Kimberly Busch

Interactive Learning with ActiVotes

This grant funds ActiVotes for all 6th grade classrooms.

Awarded November 2008, Eisenhower Elementary, Submitter: Kye Johnson

Interactive Learning with ActiVotes

This grant funds ActiVotes for all 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.

Awarded November 2008, Gatewood Elementary, Submitter: Sara Lacey

LCD Projectors and Document Cameras

Document Cameras TG 08-91Document cameras are part of the 21st century classroom initiative. They engage students with active learning and cut down on prep time for teachers. A document camera projects images of whatever is placed under its lens -whether it’s a piece of paper or a 3-D object, opening up informative discussions in the classroom.



Awarded February 2009, Tanglen Elementary, Submitter: Pam Bonham

Learning and Interacting Remotely

This grant funds a wireless, remote mini ActivBoardTM mouse and keyboard to encourage classroom participation by ELL and special education students.

Awarded November 2008, North Junior High, Submitter: Roberta Whitman

Listening Center

This grant funds multi-user listening centers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th graders, to help expose students to literature that is at their maturity level but beyond their reading level.

Awarded November 2008, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Elizabeth Ogren

Meadowbrook Culture Club

Funds from this grant re-establish the Meadowbrook Culture Club, which hosts 3 all-school multi-cultural events.

Awarded November 2008, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Greta Evans-Becker

Nature’s Corner

This is the second (and final) year of funding to build Nature’s Corner digital slide show library. This library can be accessed by teachers throughout the district to aid in their classroom discussions.

Awarded November 2008, All Elementary, Submitter: Larry Wade

Personal Math Manipulatives

Much of a children’s math sense is developed through play. This grant provides diecuts of math manipulatives so that hands-on math play can occur in classrooms and continue at home.

Awarded April 2009, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Lesley Hendrickson

RTI Reading Intervention

This early reading intervention pilot program provides 1st graders with literacy assistance including phonemic awareness, word decoding and vocabulary skills.

Awarded November 2008, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Elizabeth Ogren

Staff Development for Playground Paraprofessionals

This grant funds training for playground paraprofessionals to teach them culturally responsive, in-depth and personalized tools to help support and develop positive student behaviors.

Awarded November 2008, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Laura Larson

Student Support with Programmed Reading

This grant funds a reading program to help below-grade readers and ELL students achieve success in reading.

Awarded November 2008, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Marilyn Tursich

Telling Our Story

This grant funds material to create a community quilt which the 8th grade students will help complete.

Awarded November 2008, North Junior High, Submitter: Jeannine Salzer

Transmitting Understanding via Active Expressions

This grant funds Active ExpressionsTM for use with the Sophomore Academy.

Awarded November 2008, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Sue Westegaard

WEB: Where Everyone Belongs

This grant funds a year-long orientation and transition program which links 7th grade students with 9th grade student mentors.

Awarded November 2008, North Junior High, Submitter: Pat Schmidt

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