Grant Summary 2009-2010

We awarded the following grants to Hopkins Schools during the 2009 – 2010 school year:

Active Learning Tools grant

Active Learning for the Classroom

Using stability balls, this pilot program helps teachers evaluate how to focus students’ attention and learning in new ways along with integrating opportunities for physical activity beyond the gym class.

Awarded Fall 2009, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Greta Evans-Becker

Auditorium Sound grant

Auditorium Wireless Sound System

New and re-positioned sound equipment now allows the wireless sound system to be properly balanced during performances.  Additionally, more antennas and microphones allow large group performances to take full advantage of the auditorium as a performance space.

Awarded Fall 2009, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Mark Hauck

Classroom iPad Set grant

Classroom iPad Pilot Project

With 30 new iPads and training for teachers, Meadowbrook is testing a new computing model.  The iPads provide opportunities to select and download educational “apps” and eBooks.

Awarded Spring 2010, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Lesley Hendrickson
Preschool pilot grant

District Pre-School Pilot Project

Early intervention has been proven to help children overcome achievement gaps that are evident in young learners.  HEF funded a portion of the start up costs for a pilot project that helps these preschoolers get “ready to learn” at Alice Smith.

Awarded Spring 2010, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Diane Schimelpfenig
Solar Panels grant

Environmental Curriculum and Solar Panels

Students will learn about the uses and applications of solar (PV) panels by taking an active approach to learning.  Allowing students to interact with on-site solar panels combined with environmental education, will give them a better understanding of how multi-disciplinary issues interact with each other, thus leading to improved decision-making skills.

Awarded Spring 2010 & Spring 2011, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Dustin Kloempken 
Literacy Bags grant

Home Connection Literacy Bags

The Literacy Bags program for first graders offers great opportunities for students and their families to work together with activity packs. The activities also promote higher order thinking skills and have a writing component.

Awarded Fall 2009, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Anne Kuffel
ELL Literacy Pack grant

Kindergarten English-Language Learner Literacy Pack

Using Leapfrog Fridge Phonics magnetic sets, DVD’s, card games and writing practice workbooks, pre-kindergarten English language learners build their basic literacy skills at home with their families in order to better prepare them for kindergarten reading instruction.

Awarded Fall 2009, Eisenhower Elementary, Submitters: Leslie Olmen & Linnea Carlson
Philip Brown director men's chorus

Men’s Choir Curriculum Repertoire

Music specially written for high school voices helps teach concepts of harmonic structure, intonation, tone quality and more.A diverse, quality library is needed to address the range of teenage male voices. HEF’s grant helps complete the core of the men’s chorus library.

Awarded Spring 2010, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Philip Brown
Movement-enhanced learning grant

Movement-Enhanced Learning

This action research project will evaluate the impact on learning with stand up desks, stability balls and traditional seating. Teachers will monitor student engagement, focus and behavior with each type of classroom environment. A student survey is part of this research project.

Awarded Fall 2009, Gatewood Elementary and Tanglen Elementary, Submitters: Mary LaBelle & Sarah Ham
Movement-enhanced Learning Grant Gatewood
iPod Touch grant

One-to-One Mobile Learning with Apple iPods

Learning extends beyond the social studies classroom with Apple iPod Touches. This one-to-one mobile learning dramatically increases creativity, comprehension and collaboration within the classroom setting.

Awarded Fall 2009, North Junior High, Submitter: David Freeburg
Reading Matters grant

Reading Matters

To promote reading and develop confidence in reading skills during the summer months, 1st and 2nd grade students are given books matched to their reading level.

Awarded Spring 2010, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Jody DeSt.Hubert
Junior High Science Labs grant

Real World Scientists and Teaching Science with Technology

Preparing our students for college and future careers was at the root of our special appeal this year at the Royal Bash. Our guests enthusiastically supported the appeal and made it possible for Hopkins Education Foundation to fund hand-held and desktop computers for the junior high science labs. Combining the special appeal with a spring grant brought the technology into the high school labs as well. With these computers, our students are able to analyze data, research online and understand which sources are credible, interpret the information, connect with scientists around the world and then develop multi-media presentations, just like our “real world scientists.”

Awarded Special Appeal and Spring 2010, North Junior High, West Junior Highs, Hopkins High School,
Stand Up for Learning grant

Stand Up for Learning

Stand-Up desks allow students an ergonomically sound way to stand up, sit down, stretch, fidget and even move about – all while staying alert and focused on classroom instruction.

Awarded Spring 2010, Meadowbrook Elementary, Submitter: Greta Evans Becker
Handheld computers grant

TeacherMate Handheld Computer System

The TeacherMate program is an integrated learning system specifically designed to meet the needs of K-2 students. Programmed to adapt to Hopkins core math and reading curriculum, this system effectively delivers differentiated instruction for all levels of learners with intriguing learning activities.

Awarded Spring 2010, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Doreen Carlson
Triumphs in Reading grant

Triumphs in Reading

This series of reading intervention books helps special education teachers effectively and efficiently teach a reader decoding, encoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills that support one another and align with Wilson reading skills.

Awarded Fall 2009, Alice Smith Elementary, Submitter: Kathy Toenjes

Wellness Goals Lab

This pilot program explores the benefits of exercise before tackling rigorous academic subjects. Students will exercise aerobically for 25-30 minutes prior to focused academic work. Teachers monitor homework completion and accuracy, attendance and behavior incidences before and after initiation of the program for each student.

Awarded Fall 2009, West Junior High, Submitter: Danielle Bogucki

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