Grant Summary 2013 – 2014

We made the following grants, totaling $91,000, to Hopkins schools in 2013-2014.

STEM2 logo

STEM2: Boosting the Power of STEM Beyond the Classroom — District Wide

Our Royal Bash 2014 STEM2 special appeal propelled Hopkins’ STEM curriculum beyond the traditional school day – before school, after school, during breaks, and in the summer. STEM2 is an exciting partnership between HEF and Hopkins School District’s Community Education. Read more.

Assistive Technololgy Grant Presentation photoAssistive Technology Resource Library — District Wide – Karen Evans, Linda Gardner, Cristin Shay

This grant provides the District’s Special Services Team with a wide assortment of adaptive tools to build bridges between students of limited mobility and their computers. These bridges give students access to curriculum and communication tools, enhance their ability to complete work, and maximize their independence. Read more.

Bee Bot imageBee Bots: Creating a Buzz with STEM — Glen Lake – Anne Kuffel, Elizabeth Nemec, Julie Schlecht

HEF is propelling STEM to a whole new engagement level. First and second graders will use compelling bee-shaped robots to learn basic computer programming skills. Glen Lake students will pilot the use of Bee-Bots Robots, introducing them to critical logic, sequencing, and problem solving skills. Read more.

Drama grant presentation imageBringing Drama to the Classroom — Hopkins High School – Ryan Hogan, Dain Liepa, Bethany Ocar

In celebration of the Bard’s 450th birthday, this grant of a portable folding stage offers HHS literature students the opportunity to immerse themselves and perform material they both read and create. Read more.

Gatehouse Thanks picture‘Green’ Gatehouse Structural Plan — Hopkins High School – Tessa Ruff, Sophia Showalter

The Earth Club is an active group of students determined to make a difference in environmental awareness and education. This project, led by seniors Showalter and Ruff, begins transforming the parking shed at the Lindbergh Center lot entrance into a ‘Green’ Gatehouse. Read more.

Lab Quest 2 pictureLabQuest2 Technology Update — North and West Junior Highs – Timothy Nefzger, Johannah Olson

LabQuest2 updates our prior grant to create “Real World Scientists” and represents a significant step forward in continuing efforts to expose Hopkins students to STEM. These next generation hand-held data collection tools integrate wirelessly with iPads used by students on a daily basis. Read more.

Literacy Intervention thanks pictureLiteracy Intervention — Meadowbrook Elementary – Gina Spoo

Meadowbrook grades 3-5 will pilot literacy intervention kits designed to bring struggling readers to grade level in both vocabulary and comprehension. These fiction and non-fiction books were developed by reading specialists to interest young readers. Read more.

Math Intervention Manipulates presentation pictureMath Intervention Manipulatives — All Elementary Schools – Susan Gruidl, Michele Luke, Teresa Van Batavia

This grant, co-funded by a generous donation from Caryl and Ernest Pierson, allows District Math Specialists to help students grappling with math concepts. Manipulative tools like cubes, blocks, number cards, and fraction circles play a positive role in the intervention by making math fun. Read more.

Music Tech ClassMobile Music Recording and Production Lab — Hopkins High School – Mark Czech

Hopkins may become the Paisley Park of area high schools. With this new equipment, music technology students will be able to produce high-quality digital recordings from live music. Students will learn to record, amplify, edit, mix, and master recordings. This grant was funded in part by a generous donation in memory of Jerry Christensen. Read more.


Summer reading presentation picture

Summer Reading Library — North Junior High – Marissa Grodnick, Carleen Matts, Jayme Pelerine

NJH’s Language Arts staff will acquire multiple copies of high-interest and engaging books for the summer reading list from which all students have required summer reading. During summer “checkout days,” students will exchange books and ideas, connect with one another, and share a free, hearty breakfast provided by the school. Read more.

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