Grant Summary 2016 – 2017

We made the following grants, totaling $88,348 to Hopkins Schools in 2016 – 2017.

Full STEAM Ahead image

Full STEAM Ahead — 2017 Royal Bash Special Appeal

Full STEAM Ahead is a bold initiative to bring impactful, purposeful STEAM enrichment experiences to all Hopkins students within a three year arc. Each of these experiences will expand and energize the curriculum, as we meet head-on the responsibility to raise global citizens.  Royal Bash 2017 provided the funding for the final year of this initiative.  Learn more.

Tanglen makerbot STEM grants fall 20163-D Inspiration: MakerBot — $3,530 — Tanglen — Kim Rossow, Lynette Arneson, Liz Patrick

Science and Math curricula for all Tanglen students will now contain Design and Build elements, courtesy of this new MakerBot 3-D Printer. Hands-on learning can open students to new avenues of ideas and exploration while simultaneously increasing levels of achievement. Read more.

HHS ACT prep grants fall 2016

ACT Online Test Prep – $1,250 – Hopkins High School – John Sammler, Felicia Homberger22

The ACT test, a high-stakes benchmark for college admission, just became a little easier for all HHS students with this grant of software for every student’s Chromebook. This software, a version of which has already been successfully implemented in AP classes at HHS, will supply every student with skill-strengthening activities and practice ACT tests. Read more.

meadowbrook bakken STEM grants fall 2016

Bakken Museum STEM Residency – $4,200 – Meadowbrook – Sarah Gleason, Rachael Ramy, Tyler Martin

Third graders will design solutions to engineering problems using inquiry, creation, planning, collaboration, and good old-fashioned trial and error. This partnership with The Bakken Museum will fully engage and motivate students, leveraging their curiosity in the exploration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Read more.

tanglen boogie boards grants fall 2016

Boogie Boards – $875 – Tanglen – Jill Heath, Janie Driver, Tanya Steinhoff

Lightweight LCD writing screens offer first graders LOTS of writing practice. These tiny ‘white boards’ are portable and simple – no plug needed – just like a pencil on paper without sacrificing any trees. Young hands learn through practice and class participation, and these Boogie Board Jot eWriters encourage both. Read more.

tanglen brain-building puzzles grants fall 2016

Brain-Building Puzzles – $275 – Tanglen – Michael Yasis

‘Thinking outside the box’ begins with students’ determination to solve problems and the confidence in their ability to persevere. Brain puzzles are an interactive way for students to practice grit and creativity – strengths that 21st Century learners need in addition to academics. As fifth grade students tackle these challenging hands-on puzzles, they will build and strengthen neural pathways along with their self-confidence. Learn more.

XinXing Chinese Culture grants fall 2016

Chinese Culture Residency – $2,250 – XinXing Academy – Molly Wieland, Donghong Wang

Chinese-speaking artists-in-residence will teach traditional dancing, singing, and gong fu (martial arts) to students in Kindergarten through grade four all winter, culminating in the spectacular performance of Lunar New Year on February 21, 2017. The public is invited to attend this celebration of the most important Chinese holiday of the year, and to enjoy XinXing students’ immersion into Chinese culture – a journey that takes them far beyond language lessons. Learn more.

NJH creative project zone grants 23016

Creative Project Zone – $750 – North Junior High – Jen Legatt, Peter Ilten, Angela Brueske

A mobile cart of creativity will now be available to all 800 NJH students and staff to support countless imaginative projects throughout the building. The Mobile Creative Project Zone will offer high-end paper-crafting and presentation tools and supplies for projects. Read more.

XinXing IKE engineering music dulcimer grants fall 2016

Engineering Beautiful Music – $2,860 – Eisenhower and XinXing Academy – Kathy Bouten, Emily York, Jon Feulner

Every fifth grader, no matter their prior experience or ability, will utilize both engineering and math skills to become a builder and a musician through this residency program. All will enjoy the challenge and thrill of constructing their own take-home, single-stringed dulcimer. Read more.

WJH Fitbits for Self Regulation grantsFitbits for Self-Regulation — $1,200 — West Junior High —
Adrienna Korsman, Brian Stanley, Jane Jacobwith

This exciting pilot program utilizes special Fitbits you won’t find at your sporting goods store. This Fitbit goes beyond monitoring heart rates to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder identify early warning signs of escalation and then self-regulate to get back on track. Learn more.

NJH Green Card Voices, Hopkins VoicesGreen Card Voices — $3,760 — North & West Junior High Schools —
Angela Wilcox, Allegra Smisek, Matt Scroggins

Green Card Voices is a digital storytelling project to build bridges and understanding between people by sharing interesting first-hand stories and videos of family, hard work, and cultural diversity. Green Card Voices has published two volumes of essays from first-generation high school students in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Fargo, and these will be made available to our students. Learn more.

gatewood heart zones grants fall 2016

Heart Zones Fitness – $4,975 – Gatewood Elementary – Billy Barringer, Mindy Erdal, Leigh Woodburn

Physical health is linked to mental acuity, and the elementary-level Physical Education curriculum is an important part of our students’ learning experience. The use of Blink Armband heart rate monitors for second through sixth graders will help make this curriculum more fun and meaningful, and eventually eliminate the need for traditional testing such as counting push-ups and sit-ups. Read more.

HHS Kiva U grants fall 2016


Kiva U Club: Investing in the World – $2,300 – Hopkins High School – Tim Owen, students Jane Nelson and Katherine Kadoun

This grant allows students to have a direct global impact by jump starting the Club’s efforts to make $25 loans to entrepreneurs all over the Third World. The Club’s goal is to involve more students at HHS, fund raise, and to loan at least $50 in each of the 27 countries represented by HHS students. Read more.

NJH Latino Youth GroupLatino Youth Group — $1,500 — Community Education —
Elisa Dorfman, K. Giddings, Lisa Walker

An after-school program for Latino youth will be offered next winter and spring to foster leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills in a comfortable peer group setting. The group will meet at North Junior High and be facilitated by a youth program leader from La Oportunidad in conjunction with NJH staff. La Oportunidad, a well-established Twin Cities nonprofit, has been successfully “assisting Latino adolescents to develop their assets” for 30 years, including within the Minneapolis Public Schools. Read more.

gatewood learning studio grants fall 2016

Learning Studio Prototype – $6,000 – Gatewood – Karen Terhaar, Ivar Nelson, Justin Ingham

Research, as well as experience, increasingly points to more flexible classrooms as the most conducive to a 21st Century education. HEF will help the School District kick start the creative redesign of a Gatewood classroom, turning it into an innovative learning studio; an agile and adaptable space to better engage students and offer greater opportunity for learning. Read more.

tanglen mindset grants fall 2016

Mindsets for Parents – $896 – Tanglen and ELL (English Language Learners) – Alex Fisher, Carlos Connell-Torres

Schools’ engagement with parents and families is proven to have a direct positive impact on student learning. This grant, in conjunction with a donation from Flipgrid, will produce a series of short videos in multiple languages, all designed to share information and build relationships with parents who do not have the flexibility to attend school functions and interact with staff. Read more.

Tanglen Royal Reader grants fall 2016

One-on-One Royal Readers – $7,500 – Tanglen – Anne Baird, Jill Heath

HEF will fund this updated collection of high-interest culturally-relevant books for an exciting new reading initiative. Trained literacy volunteers will work one-on-one with first grade students on a weekly basis, and the books will also be available for classroom teachers’ use. Read more.

HHS Music Center Performance AssessmentPermanent Recording and Playback Systems — $5,000 — Hopkins High School — Mark Czech

Permanent installation of a recording/playback system in each of the 3 large music practice rooms in HHS is a simple – yet huge – enhancement to the high school’s music program. Directors can record and play back a few measures for review, or an entire week-old rehearsal to measure progress. Learn more.

meadowbrook reading kits grants fall 2016

Read, Read, Read! – $3237 – Meadowbrook – Kim Mach, Emma Henke, Stephanie Bell

All fourth grade students will benefit from these new supplemental reading materials in a wide variety of interesting topics and subject areas, both fiction and non-fiction. The engaging short stories address a wide range of student needs to improve comprehension skills for all, and to increase reading confidence. Read more.

gatewood robotics grants fall 2016Robotics Building Leadership – $1,094 – Gatewood – Mark French

Principal Mark French has found a unique way to encourage leadership, responsibility, and conflict resolution by engaging his students’ interest in robots. This grant allows him the ability to reach students far deeper than a traditional ‘visit to the principal’s office’. Read more.

NJH Sequels on ShelvesSequels on the Shelves — $2,400 — North Junior High —
Kimberly Busch, Jennifer Behnke, Elsa Boxx

Classroom libraries promote literacy through easy access to high-interest material.  This grant of sequels to popular teen novels promises to keep readers intrigued far beyond the assigned reading. Learn more.

AS 6th Grade MosaicSixth Grade Mosaic — $845 — Alice Smith —
Tamara Gebhardt, Kristin Lutz, Karen Schmitz

Much more than a fun art project, the Mosaic Mural at Alice Smith will represent each of the 90 sixth graders’ diverse cultures, talents and dreams. The mural is a lesson in empowerment, teamwork and community building, with students taking the lead in planning and managing the project. All students will learn from and about each other as the project unfolds; it includes, among many other important symbols, the flags of 26 different countries. Learn more.

All Elementary Social Emotional Assessment Study grantsSocial Emotional Learning Assessment Study —  $2,930 — K through 6 —
Nikki Ehrenberg, Madeline Tolkan Conrad, Kristin Lutz

Over the course of the 2017-18 school year, Special Education staff will pilot 4 different assessment tools for evaluating students’ social and emotional leaning. With the goal of accurately and efficiently implementing interventions and evaluating progress, the assessment tool that best benefits students will then be used as a framework to further the work of school social workers and classroom teachers. Read more.

NJH yearbook re-imagined grants fall 2016

Yearbook Re-imagined – $1,710 – North Junior High – Carleen Matts, Jennifer Legatt, Angela Brueske

This grant upgrades the North Junior High yearbook equipment, including cameras (personal equipment is not permitted in school) and software with ‘tagging technology’ to help ensure that all students are found in the book multiple times. Students are eager to share the interesting stories of their community of diverse learners and staff members, and this book will tell their tale. Read more.

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